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Not healthy

Eating Late at Night can Cause Weight Gain and Other Health Problems

"Eating later can promote a negative profile of weight, energy, and hormone markers."


A Simple Method can Prevent Teen Obesity and Eating Disorders

"This is a dangerous category of patient because they're often missed by physicians."


Sleeping Late Makes You Gain Weight

A recent study done by the University of California shows that sleeping late causes young adults and teens to gain weight.

Breast Cancer Weight Gain

Breast Cancer Patients Tend To Gain Weight Post-Treatment — Study

Women with breast cancer might face a new challenge after their treatment, a new research suggests that those women with a family history of breast cancer tend to gain more weight compared to those women who are free of the said disease, According to Philly.Com

Joyce Cheng Is Content With Present Weight

After receiving backlash in social media about her weight gain, Joyce Cheng responded with a heartfelt response in Facebook. She has tried several weight loss procedures through the years but realizes that at 27, she is content with her current weight.

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