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World Wildlife Fund

Apple’s motivation to build out its own infrastructure came after a conversation with Microsoft.

Apple Launches 'Apps For Earth' to Raise Funds for WWF

As part of the celebration of Earth Day next week, Apple is starting an initiative that will give users a chance to give money to the World Wildlife Fund. The program called Apps For Earth will raise money through purchases of specially designated apps.

WWF said that the increase in number of tigers is due to heightened conservation efforts, more land area surveyed, and improved survey techniques.

Number of Wild Tigers Increases, WWF Says

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report revealed that the number of wild tigers has increased from 3,200 in 2012 to an estimated 3,890 now.


Scientists Decipher Giant Panda Secret Language

Researchers at a giant panda breeding center in China have deciphered13 different kinds of vocalizations within the endangered species' mysterious language.

Amur Leopard Protection Ground in China-Russia

Sino-Russian Nature Reseve to Protect Amur Leopards to be a Reality Soon

A joint operation this year by the researchers from China and Russia has reported a rise in the population of Amur leopard in both the nations.


Panda Population In China On The Rise

The wild panda bears in China have increased their population by 17 percent since 2003, according to a local census.

China Sea Wall

Scientists Warn China's New 'Great Wall' Is Anything But

Heralded as China's second Great Wall, a vast seawall running more than half of the nation's coastline has created a firestorm of protest from leading ecologists worldwide.

Bubalus mindorensis

Philippines' Rare Dwarf Buffalo Resists Extinction

Conservationists announced Friday that the population of the Bubalus mindorensis, one of the world's rarest creatures, in the Philippines has grown to its largest since efforts to save them from being wiped out from the face of the earth began.

Wildlife animals

Animal Populations are Falling Because of Human Activity

Humans are responsible for the decline of animal population since 1970.

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