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President Xi Visits Latin America, Pledges Economic Support

President Xi Kicks Off Latin American Tour, Pledges Economic Support

Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to visit Latin America starting Nov. 17 in what analysts have touted as a move that would usher in a new era of bilateral relations between the two sides.

China, US

China Warns Trump Against Isolationism, Military Intervention

China's state-sponsored media has cautioned the newly-anointed president-elect of the US against the policies of interventionism and isolationism. Donald Trump was encouraged to actively engage with China to maintain the status quo.

King of the World

Revisiting the Fictitious ‘251-Dash Line’ Map that Claims China Owns the Pacific Ocean

The ministry also said it had discovered the Ming Empire also controlled a large portion of Antarctica.

Scientists Simulate Mars In Utah Desert

China Experiments Human Survival in Space Capsule for Future Deep Space Exploration

Chinese scientists are experimenting the possibilities and potential challenges of human survival in future deep space exploration missions. The study which is expected to be a breakthrough in future space travel involved the simulating space conditions in a capsule.


China's Flourishing E-book Industry Strengthened by More E-book Readers

State-owned newsportal Xinhua published the 2016 Nationwide Reading Survey which showed that the majority of their participants prefer reading ebooks than the traditional paper books.

China prohibits April Fools Day celebration, according to Xinhua.

China's State Media Says No April Fools in China

"This is the funniest joke I've seen all day," a user said.

'Tombstone' Author Accuses China of Preventing Him From Receiving US Award

Ex-Xinhua employee and author of the controversial book "Tombstone," which has been banned in mainland China, has accused his ex-employer of preventing him from leaving for the United States to receive an award for his book from the prestigious Harvard University.

China Flooding

Landslide Kills 16 in Eastern China After Heavy Flooding

At least 16 people have been killed after a landslide engulfed homes in eastern China. The flood-sparked landslide has rendered 21 people missing as heavy rains brought misery across a swathe of the country.

Liu Xiaobo

Norway Expels Chinese Scholar, China Reprimands Country

China reprimanded Norway for expelling a Chinese scholar from the University of Agder and out of the country on January 21, according to China's state-run news agency Xinhua.

Je Suis Charlie

China Writes Commentary Against Charlie Hebdo In Wake Of Paris Attacks

The series of terror attacks in Paris which left 12 cartoonists and four civilians dead ignited anti-extremist protests and drew support from all over the world but China reacted to the incident by making a commentary against the French satirical magazine.


China Scolds U.S. on Human Rights, Hypocrisy

"The self-proclaimed human rights watchdog is apparently being reduced to nothing but a gigantic laughing stock."

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

China Weighs In On CIA Torture Report

With Human Rights Day being Wednesday, Xinhua news agency, China's official voice to the world, made sure to tweak the U.S. over its CIA torture report and self-appointed role as "defender of civil liberties globally."

Chinese government wants to reduce the number of burials to save land space for farming and development.

Grave Robbing: Corpses For Cremation Purchases By Local Chinese Officials Become State-Run Media Issue

Corrupt officials in China were caught buying corpses in order to fulfill local government cremation quotas, highlighting a growing problem in how China deals with death.


China Successfully Tests Anti-Drone Laser Gun

The laser was able to take out a small drone aircraft within a 2-kilometer (1.2 mile) radius, and just five seconds after locating its target.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and Chinese President Xi Jinping

China, Iran To Strengthen Military Cooperation –Xinhua

Iran's Navy Commander visited Beijing on Thursday to discuss naval cooperation with the Chinese defense minister amid disputes over Tehran's nuclear program.

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