Communist-Backed Newspaper Urges Beijing to Use Military Force to Take Taiwan

By | Dec 17, 2016 04:03 AM EST
Communist-Backed Newspaper Urges Beijing to Use Military Force on Taiwan

'The Global Times', in an editorial published last Friday, said China must act immediately to conquer Taiwan.(Photo : Getty Images)

The Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece, The Global Times, has called on Beijing to prepare for the use of all-out military force as a means to take control of Taiwan and its people.

In an editorial published on Friday, The Global Times newspaper strongly encouraged China to take a more aggressive stance in dealing with Taiwan, considered by China as its breakaway province, amid the rising tensions with the United States.

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"It might be time for the Chinese mainland to reformulate its Taiwan policy, make the use of force as a main option and carefully prepare for it," the commentary read.

Dire Consequences

The opinion piece urged China to immediately prepare for a military invasion of Taipei as it warned that any move made by the renegade province towards independence would result in dire consequences.

According to the editorial, once Taiwan independence forces refuse secession and take steps to push for independence, the Chinese army will, in no time, punish them militarily.

"Getting ready to achieve reunification through the use of force can pose a serious deterrence to Taiwan independence," the commentary added.

"One China" Policy

The explosive new editorial was published amid Beijing's rising tensions with Washington over President-elect Donald Trump's recent remarks that the US' decades-old "One China" policy should be scrapped unless China enters into a bargain of sorts with Washington.

The US' "One China" policy officially solely recognizes the Chinese government over Taiwan.

"I fully understand the One China policy, but I don't know why we have to be bound by a One China policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including trade," Trump was quoted as saying in an interview with Fox News.

Sino-US Bilateral Relations

China has condemned the remarks with the foreign ministry calling on the US leaders to be careful and sensitive in dealing with Taiwan-related matters in order to avoid any disruption or damage in the Sino-US bilateral relationship.

Earlier, China was reportedly infuriated after Trump took on a phone call by Taiwan president Tsai Lng-wen, the first contact between the leaders of US and Taiwan in 40 years, in total disregard of the longstanding One China  policy.

A recent survey conducted by a Chinese polling agency has shown that majority of the Taiwan people are content with the status quo rather than push for independence or be reunified with the Chinese mainland.

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