China and India are Deadliest cities in PM2.5 related Deaths: Study

By | Feb 15, 2017 12:35 AM EST
Air Pollution in China and India.

A recent study has found that Air pollution has caused PM2.5 to reach at unprecedented level in Chin and India, causing millions of premature death in both countries. (Photo : Getty Images. )

Air pollution is wrecking havoc in China and India as it is causing millions of premature deaths in these two populous nations, a joint report by two US-based health research institutes has found. The report's conclusions are not surprising, considering that both Asian giants have become infamous for air pollution related deaths.           

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The State of Global Air 2017 report states that the overwhelming presence of airborne particles known as PM2.5 has caused more than four million premature deaths in 2015 in both India and China.

The report claims that both the Asian giants account for more than half of all global deaths related to PM2.5 exposure and categorically states that "India now approaches China in the number of deaths attributable to PM2.5."

In fact, frequent studies have found that PM2.5 related deaths in India have steadily increased over the years, while it has stabilized a bit in China. But China can take little relief in these findings, as it still has miles to go to control the menace of air pollution.         

Both Asian giants grim struggle against air pollution was revealed recently to the entire world when both their capital cities were covered by dense smog. A health emergency was declared in India's capital city of New Delhi in November, after the smog level in the city reached at its peak.

An almost identical situation was seen in Beijing and other parts of Northern China were seen a month later, when dense smog threw normal life out of gear.    

Experts attribute hazardous growth of air pollution in both countries to fast paced growth of urbanization and industrialization over the last two decades. They argue that unabated growth of factories and industries as well as failure to keep a tab on growth of vehicles has severely affected the quality of air in India and China. 

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