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air pollution

China Air Pollution

China Develops Unified Standards to Monitor and Curb Air Pollution

China needs to put in place a set of unified standards to effectively monitor and curb air pollution across the country.

Air Pollution in China and India.

China and India are Deadliest cities in PM2.5 related Deaths: Study

Air pollution is wrecking havoc in China and India as it is causing millions of premature deaths in these two populous nations, a joint report by two US-based health research institutes has found.

An innovative vertical forest will soon grow in China's Nanjing City.

Vertical Forest to Branch out in China's Nanjing City

China is building a vertical forest, a set of two buildings filled with an estimated 1,100 large- and medium-sized trees from 23 local species and more than 2,500 shrubs and plants, covering 60,000 square feet of plantable area. The project aims to combat the country's choking smog problem, clean oxygen, and enhance local biodiversity.

Beijing Blanketed In Heavy Smog

China to Expand Environmental Inspections to All 34 Provinces

China is planning to expand its environmental inspection reach to all 34 provinces this year instead of the usual 15, local media reported on Monday citing the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP).

Long distance pollution

Some Pollutants can Travel Around the World and Increase Lung Cancer Risks

Scientists said the new estimates more closely match actual measurements of the pollutants from more than 300 urban and rural settings.

Beijing Air Pollution

A Closer Look into Beijing’s air Pollution Problem

With Beijing continuously facing air pollution problems, a new report came out to detail the situation of China’s capital.

China Air Pollution

Beijing to Create Environmental Police to Curb Air Pollution

In a bid to address Beijing’s worsening air pollution, local officials will create an “environmental police force” by the end of March.

Air Pollution Hits Parts Of China

Beijing Researchers Study Relationship of Smog, Lung Cancer

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (BMCHFP) has conducted a study to determine the potential relationship of smog and lung cancer, according to the Beijing News on Sunday.

Beijing Smog

Beijing to Launch Environmental Police Force to Fight Toxic Smog

A new environmental police force has been introduced in Beijing to assist in the fight against the massive smog, which has been witnessed in the Chinese capital.

Plans are currently on going to put air purifiers in schools in Beijing for learning to continue

Beijing to Install Air Purifiers in Schools

Beijing is planning to install air purifiers and air filters in schools as the city continues to come up with new ways to battle with smog, according to the new initiative announced by the Education Municipal on Thursday.

Students in a Chinese middle school were forced to take tests despite heavy smog.

School Principal Suspended after Forcing Students to Take Exams Outdoor Amid Heavy Smog

A school principal has been suspended after forcing at least 480 eighth-grade students to take exams at an open field in Lanzhou, Anyang, Henan Province, on Monday, despite a prior warning of heavy smog has been issued by the government.

Beijing has issued a red alert notice as it prepares for a massive smog expected between Friday and Wednesday next week.

Beijing Issues First Red Alert Smog Warning This Year

Beijing has issued a red alert notice on Thursday, indicating that harsh fog pollutions are expected in the region over the next five days. This is the first notice the city has released this year.

Xiaomi Cloth Pear Fresh mask is now available on the company’s Mi crowdfunding page for 89 yuan ($13).

Xiaomi Unveils Cloth Pear Fresh Mask for Battling Air Pollution

Xiaomi has launched an air mask called “Cloth Pear Fresh Air Mask” following its released of Mi Air Purifier Pro with OLED display earlier this month.

Really bad

Diwali Firecrackers Worsen Air Pollution over India to Record Danger Levels

By the morning of Oct. 31, government health authorities said PM2.5 levels had exceeded 30 times the World Health Organization's recommendation for average daily exposure.

 Chinese Paramilitary police wear masks to protect against pollution, a rare occurrence, as they march during smog in Tiananmen Square on December 9, 2015 in Beijing, China.

China Detains 5 Environmental Officials for Falsifying Air Quality Results

At least five environmental officials in China's northern city of Xi'an have been detained for tampering air quality monitoring equipment and falsifying results to avoid being fined, state-backed Xinhua News agency reported.

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