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Iran Defeats Massive US Invasion -- in Iranian 3D Movie

Iran wins -- in a movie.

(Photo : YouTube) IRGC Navy missiles fire on U.S. Navy warships.

A full-length 3D animated movie depicting Iran destroying a U. S. Navy fleet in a one-sided battle in the Persian Gulf and defeating a U.S. Army attack will hit Iranian theaters soon, and might become a blockbuster judging from the warm reception its trailers received on social media.

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The 88 minute-long "Battle of Persian Gulf II" depicts the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the service branch of the Iranian Armed Forces tasked with defending Islam and Iran's Islamic system, attacking and annihilating what could only be the United States Fifth Fleet whose area of operations includes the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean.

A three minute-long trailer of the movie released on YouTube in 2015 by the film's producers shows scenes from battles where the Iranians are victorious against the U.S. in land, sea and air combats.

A highlight of the trailer is the naval battle that ends in the destruction of U.S. Navy warships. It took the film's producers, Kosar3d group, four years to finish the animated movie using only limited resources.

According to Iranian media, the full-length movie begins with the U.S. Army soldiers attacking an Iranian nuclear reactor and the U.S. Navy bombarding military and strategic targets throughout Iran.

The IRGC Navy attacks the U.S. warships with waves of anti-ship missiles fired from vertical launching systems, and with torpedoes and naval gunfire. The movie shows the commander of the IRGC fleet as an admiral named Qasem, who looks remarkably like the real-life Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the almost legendary commander of the IRGC Army's Quds Force.

The Quds (for Al-Quds, the Arab word for Jerusalem) Force is an elite unit consisting of religious fanatics responsible for military and clandestine operations against Iran's enemies in the Middle East, Europe and the Indian sub-continent.

Incredibly, the U.S. warships do nothing to defend themselves against the incoming barrage of missiles and are hit one after the other. One Iranian missile tears the U.S. flag off a warship and with this flag draped over its nosecone, smashes into another warship.

As this carnage ensues, Qasem shouts into a microphone, "When you entered Hell, tell them Qasem has sent me!"

Interestingly, the attack focuses on the destruction of a U.S. warship with the hull number 62. Only one U.S. warship has the hull number 62: the battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62), which was decommissioned in 1991 and sold for scrap in 1999.

So why is the USS New Jersey still in one piece in 2017?

At the end of the battle, an IRCG sailor on Qasem's flagship reports three American ships have been sunk.

The trailer also depicts a patrol of U.S. Army soldiers deployed by helicopters being wiped-out by two Iranian tracked ground combat drones armed with .50 caliber sniper rifles. Iranian ballistic missiles are also shown being launched from underground silos.

An Iranian music video, this one with human actors, released in mid-2016 shows a tidal wave sent by Allah to defend the Iranian people sinking the entire U.S. Fifth Fleet.

The seven minute-long anti-U.S. video entitled "We Resist to Last Drop of Blood" is said to have cost a hefty $385,000 (12 billion rials) and was performed by an unknown singer named Hossein.

It was produced by the government Art Bureau's Soureh Film Club.  The owner of Soureh Film is the Islamic Propagation Organization, whose chief is directly appointed by Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

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