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More power

$350 Billion Arms Deal with US Makes Saudi Arabia the Islamic Military Superpower

Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia and Shiite-majority Iran are locked in a bitter and deadly sectarian feud expressed in raging proxy wars in Yemen and Syria.

Big problem

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards' Navy Receives First Delivery of Indigenous Version of Chinese C-704 Anti-Ship Missile

The sub-sonic Nasr-1 carries a 150 kg time-delayed semi-armor-piercing high-explosive warhead to a maximum range of 35 km.

Iran Begins To Fuel The Country's First Nuclear Power Station

China, Iran to Sign First Arak Reactor Contract

Chinese and Iranian firms are set to sign the first commercial contracts on Sunday in Vienna to redesign an Iranian nuclear plant, with initial agreements having been already reached in Beijing, China's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

ZTE agreed to pay nearly $900 million for violating U.S. trade agreement.

U.S. Pulls Out ZTE from Trade Blacklist

The United States Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security has removed ZTE from its so-called Entity List or a trade blacklist.

China PR head coach Marcello Lippi

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: China Loses to Iran, 0-1, Suffers Major Blow to World Cup Hopes

China suffered a major blow to their World Cup qualifying campaign as the team lost to Group A leaders Iran, 0-1, on Tuesday at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran in the third round of the AFC 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Former Guangzhou Evergrande manager and now China PR head coach Marcello Lippi

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Two High-Profile Coaches Battle in China-Iran Match

Two high-profile football managers are set to lead their respective teams during the China versus Iran match on Tuesday at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran in the third round of the AFC 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying tournament.

New weapon

Houthis used Remote Controlled Suicide Boat to Blast Saudi Warship; Iran and China Blamed for Attack

The attack on the Al Madinah is the first confirmed use of a remote controlled suicide boat by the Houthis or any other Islamist terrorist group for that matter.

Iran wins -- in a movie.

Iran Defeats Massive US Invasion -- in Iranian 3D Movie

The IRGC Navy attacks the U.S. warships with waves of anti-ship missiles fired from vertical launching systems, and with torpedoes and naval gunfire.

China and Iran

China, Iran Conduct Military Drills After Trump's Sanctions

China and Iran repelled on US President Donald Trump's tough talks and conducted provocative military drills instead. The move came after the chief executive imposed US sanctions against Iran, of which China formally complained against as it will severely affect Chinese businesses.

Bad day

Royal Saudi Navy Frigate Badly Damaged in Houthi Attack; Iran Claims Chinese-made C-802 Missile Hit Warship

The C-802 is the export version of China's YJ-8 AShM and carries a 190 kg warhead.

Not good

Saudis Losing More and More Abrams Tanks to Russian/Iranian Anti-Tank Missiles in Yemen

That little known but vicious campaign has seen Saudi military deaths exceed 430 men.

From Russia

Iran’s Decision to Build Nuclear-Powered Ships Might Lead to 1st Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine

It said a nuclear-powered submarine will give it "very long-distance operations."

Muslims like them

China is Top Combat Aerial Drone Supplier to Muslim Military Powers

Iraq is the leading combat operator of the CH-4.

For Iran?

Iran says Plan to Buy Su-30SM Fighter Jets from Russia not a Done Deal

He earlier said Iran needs to "seriously focus on the air force and fighters."

Both the defense ministers inked a deal for holding join military drills.

China and Iran sign military pact, to cooperate against terrorism

China and Iran have agreed to collaborate for defense and military cooperation. Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan is currently on a three-day visit to Iran on the invitation of Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan.

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