See China Rise with OBOR Project or be Left out: Chinese Media Warns India

By | Mar 21, 2017 01:39 AM EDT
Chinese Media Slams India over OBOR Project.

China’s nationalistic tabloid The Global Times on Monday slammed Indian media for taking critical note of United Nation Security Council’s open support to China’s OBOR’s (One Belt, One Road) project. (Photo : Getty Images. )

China's nationalistic tabloid The Global Times on Monday slammed the Indian media for taking critical note of United Nation Security Council's open support to China's OBOR's (One Belt, One Road) project. The tabloid warned that New Delhi will have to contend itself by watching China's international reputation grow further if it chooses to stay out of the flagship project. 

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 "New Delhi cannot prevent the growth of the OBOR's (One Belt, One Road) influence," the nationalistic tabloid quipped.  "If India wants to exclude itself from the OBOR at a time when the initiative is receiving widespread support from the global community, India will end up simply watching the rise of China's international reputation."

It appealed the Indian government to stop being oversensitive towards the Kashmir issue and also stop being "habitually vigilant against any possibility of large-scale foreign investment flowing into the region." It further called on New Delhi to learn to distinguish the difference between commercial investment and issues that are truly worthy of fighting for its sovereignty.

The Global Times op-ed chided India that its repeated concerns over the flagship infrastructure project have completely fallen on deaf ears. This is proven, the tabloid claimed, by the fact that China will "host the first OBOR summit in May, with more than 20 government leaders and more than 50 heads of international organizations" set to participate.

It then delivered a very blunt message that if New Delhi can't convince other countries to abandon the flagship project, then better become a participant and derive the massive economic benefits from the project.    

United Nation lends Support to OBOR

The United Nation on Friday probably for the first time lent an open support to China's OBOR project. The flagship project found mention in a resolution that was unanimously adopted by the all member nations. 

The resolution said that the flagship project was need of the hours as it called all the member nations  to "strengthen the process of regional economic cooperation through regional development initiatives such as the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road (the Belt and Road) Initiative."  

The UN's public support to China's project did not escape the attention of Indian media, which claimed that that UN's open endorsement of the project mean that India's sovereignty claim over disputed Kashmir region is in real danger.   

New Delhi's main bone of contention is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor's (CPEC) passage through disputed Kashmir region. The multi-billion dollar CPEC project is essentially a part of the OBOR, a fundamental reason why India has still signed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).     

The Indian government claims that CPEC's passage through Kashmir not only creates a major security threat but also challenges its sovereignty claim over the disputed territory. The Himalayan region of Kashmir has been caught in violent dispute for several decades between India and Pakistan, with both countries staking claim over the Muslim dominated territory.

Although China has never directly interfered in the Kashmir issue but offers diplomatic support to Pakistan on the issue.  

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