Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Asia Has the Top 3 Most Sleep Deprived Cities on the Planet: Tokyo, Seoul, and Singapore


(Photo : Reuters) A man catches a nap in Beijing. Asian cities were found to be the sleepiest on the planet.

It's official: with an eye-watering average of just five hours and 46 minutes of sleep a night, Tokyo has taken the dubious title of the world's most somnambulant city.

Over the summer, poll-takers working for sleep-tracking company Jawbone monitored the sleep patterns - or lack thereof - in 45 cities. Asia, with its grueling work ethic and enormous pressure to win and climb up the social ladder, swept the top three. Staggering behind the Japanese capital are Seoul (five hours, 55 minutes) and Singapore.

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Melbourne, Australia, came in with the most hours in dreamland, at seven hours and five minutes. All 45 cities were found to experience less than the eight hours health authorities in the United States suggest.

Singapore came in third place with a mere six hours and 32 minutes of sleep per night. According to Dr. Lim Li Ling, medical consultant and consultant neurologist at the Singapore Neurology & Sleep Centre at Gleneagles hospital, "Singapore, like many competitive and fast-paced societies, has a 24/7 culture of round-the-clock entertainment, services and businesses."

The survey also explored all-over sleep habits. Dubai has the most leisurely sleep schedule, with 10 percent of the populace still asleep at 11 a.m. In Beijing, there is a tendency for workers to take afternoon naps at work, perhaps following in the footsteps of Madrid, home of the famous mid-afternoon siesta.

People in Brisbane, Australia are the earliest to hit the hay, around 10:57p.m., but they are also the early-birds of the survey, with a wake-up time of 6:29 a.m. At the other end of the spectrum, Muscovites start snoozing at 12:46 a.m. and wake at 8:08 a.m.

"Lack of sleep is a silent and insidious killer and probably an unrecognized epidemic especially in developed nations and competitive societies," said Dr. Lim. "Getting enough quality sleep is a vital first step to optimal health."

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