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Not healthy

Eating Late at Night can Cause Weight Gain and Other Health Problems

"Eating later can promote a negative profile of weight, energy, and hormone markers."


Getting Paid to Sleep is a Thing in China

This could literally be everyone's "dream job" and the only position where sleeping on the job will not be a problem.


Lack of Sleep is Bad for People and Bad for the Economy

A person that sleeps less than six hours a night on average has a 13 percent higher mortality risk than someone sleeping between seven and nine hours.


One in Three Science Workers in China Suffers from Depression

Experts also emphasized the importance of healthy sleep in mental health.

Chinese tech companies allow rest time for employees.

Chinese Tech Company Allows Employees to Sleep at Work: Reports

While many companies strictly implement a "no sleeping" policy at the workplace, a tech firms in China is doing otherwise.


Sleeping Late Makes You Gain Weight

A recent study done by the University of California shows that sleeping late causes young adults and teens to gain weight.

Normal brain and brain with Alzheimer's

Sleep Problems might be Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

As plaques spread through the cortex, Alzheimer's disease develops.


Study: Sleeping Earlier Can Make You Happier

A new study reveals an earlier bedtime can help banish negative thoughts, including anxiety during the day.

Deep Sleep

Sleep Naked if You Want to be Healthier

With fewer clothes on, the body's better able to regulate its temperature without interruption.

Drowsy Driving was said to contribute to 20 percent of vehicle accidents annually.

Asleep At The Wheel: NTSB Holds Drowsy Driving Forum

Studies indicate one out of five crashes on the road result from drowsy driving, and that sleep deprivation impairs drivers as much as alcohol consumption.

Sleep Drunkenness Is Related To Disorders And Mental Illnesses --Study

A recent research shows that confusional arousal, more known as sleep drunkenness, links to various sleep disorders, use of antidepressants and mental health conditions such as panic and bipolar disorders.


Asia Has the Top 3 Most Sleep Deprived Cities on the Planet: Tokyo, Seoul, and Singapore

It's official: with an eye-watering average of just five hours and 46 minutes of sleep a night, Tokyo has taken the dubious title of the world's most somnambulant city.

Person sleeping

Lose Weight While Sleeping, Here’s How

Scientists have discovered that sleeping in a cold environment can increase the body’s metabolism.

DNA double helix

Genetic Mutation Lets Some People Work Well Despite Sleep Deprivation

It's the first time a gene has been linked to this ability.

Sleeping Just Right: Answer to Brain Function Decline in the Elderly

A recent study reveals that sleeping for full eight hours may help delay the deterioration of brain function that comes with old age, thus lowering the risk for elderlies to have dementia.

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