Updated 4:59 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 11, 2019

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Nest Labs Partner With Pebble Smartwatch, Among Others


(Photo : Reuters) "Works With Nest" now encapsulates over 5,000 developers and hundreds of smart home products.

California-based home automation company Nest Labs has been trying to flesh out its smart-home platform since June, partnering with Mercedes Benz, Logitech and Whirlpool.

Along with Apple's HomeKit platform, these seem like the two prominent platforms coming to the smart-home, alongside some other interesting alliances between Samsung and Qualcomm, although these partnerships lack any defining products like Nest and Apple.

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The new round of "Works with Nest" devices include Pebble Smartwatch, Ivee, Life360, SNUPI and Rachio. Apart from Pebble, this might seem like an uninteresting selection of partners, but all of them offer something unique in the home, which Nest can use.

SNUPI works on water leaks and mold in a house, under the name "Wally Home," it fits near your water-pipes and notifies you early about leaks. Ivee allows you to talk to your smart-home devices through voice commands; a platform on top of a platform.

Pebble Smartwatch will now feature a Nest Labs app, allowing you to change the heating on the Nest Smart Themostat. This is a bit lackluster considering how much could be achieved on the Pebble Smartwatch, hopefully Nest or Pebble will add more functionality to the watch-app soon.

Life360 allows Nest users to get notified on their phone whether someone is in the house or not. Rachio is an interesting idea, if the smoke detector has the alarm going off for too long, Rachio will notify the sprinklers outside to turn on, to stop further fire from spreading.

Nest Labs isn't too focused on bringing all of these devices together; the startup is currently interested in getting as many partners as possible. It will take time for products like Rachio and SNUPI to actually work well alongside Nest's platform - but for now it is good to see so many partners on Google's side.

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