Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Malaysian Government In YouTube Censorship

The Malaysian government is once again trying to ban a few websites from the Internet. This time - YouTube is on the list as the government has taken issue with the video service.

Because the country must have all video first reviewed by its Film Censorship Board, which checks the video to see if it is fit for the Malaysian audience, YouTube would be banned from local Internet.

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Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has advised "the Commission implement this system soon" to avoid any further issues. The Home Ministry will work with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to see the system come alive.

Malaysia is known as one of the countries with the most censorship in the world, actively banning video games, movies and videos that trend against the political and religious rules. Various movies have been banned for being "un-Islamic", the censorship group also takes care on the Internet to ban all material shaming the government.

YouTube is a free and open place for users to express issues and happenings in Malaysia, without the strict rules of regular film. Malaysia cannot see a way to regulate YouTube and instead will most likely block the service from being available in the country.

It is unknown how many people actively use YouTube in the country. The Internet adoption rate is quite high in regards to other Asian countries that actively censor content.

Facebook was on the list of potential sites to ban, after 2,000 reports of abuse in the country. The people of Malaysia fought back against this ruling and had it overturned, bringing Facebook back into the region.

China has shown that a walled Internet can work, but Malaysia does not have the economic drive to create an Internet by itself. Facebook has not shown incredible growth in the region and other social sites continue to see more traffic from other Asian states, making the threat of blocking even less imposing.

Facebook has shown more drive to get back into China than to defend its place in Malaysia, and for good reason; 600 million people use the Internet in China and that number will be 800 million by next year - Facebook wants to get in on that market.

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