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Russian Censor Blocks Access to LinkedIn

Russia's communications regulatory agency Roskomnadzor has blocked the professional social networking service LinkedIn in the country. The agency said that the reason behind this is that LinkedIn was not able to move its personal data storage into Russia, a major requirement for any Internet service operating in the country.

Facebook will work  with its community and partners to determine what is “significant” or “important” to the public interest.

Facebook Tries to Reduce Censorship Policies

Facebook has announced that it plans to relax its censorship policy, considering the newsworthiness and public interest of difficult or graphic content.

In this photo illustration the Netflix logo is seen on September 19, 2014 in Paris, France.

Netflix made no Progress in its China Expansion plan: CEO

Netflix said on Tuesday it had made no progress toward its goal of expanding into China as it needs to obtain a government license, Reed Hastings, the entertainment firm's chief executive officer, said.

China censorship

China to Push Stricter Rules for Online News Websites

China has some of one of the world's strictest regulations when it comes to information being exchanged over the Internet. Lately, Chinese censors have announced plans of further tightening the rules that govern the distribution of digital news and website contents.

China is considering implementing controversial Internet censorship law.

China is Considering Controversial Internet On-Off Switch

China is reportedly considering a very controversial cybersecurity law by which authorities are given power to shut down the internet and block online communications in case "emerging social security events" take place.

 In this photo illustration, the LinkedIn logo is displayed on the screen of a laptop computer on January 27, 2011 in San Anselmo, California.

Why Microsoft, LinkedIn Merging A Potential Problem in China

Microsoft's plan to acquire business-oriented social networking service LinkedIn seems to face a problem in China because of the censorship law in the country.

China allegedly shuts down at least five online data storage provider.

Did the Chinese Government Really Order Online Data Storage Providers to Close Down?

At least five online data storage provider said that the Chinese government ordered them to close down their services, South China Morning Post reported. The move represents the country's extensive implementation to control online content in the mainland.

Beijing To Continue Blocking Foreign Websites

China to Continue Blocking Foreign Websites

China has announced that it will continue to ban foreign websites but was quick to point out that it is not closing its doors to foreign Internet companies to do business in China.

Google Play Slated For Launch In 2016

Google May Take Another Crack at China

Tech giant Google is considering returning to mainland China, five years after the company left the market because it refused to obey Chinese governmental controls.


China Threatens To Shut Down Internet Media Giant Sina Over Censorship Issues

Beijing is threatening to shutter the news service of Sina Weibo, which it finds not censoring enough news that it publishes and not filtering false information.

A person poses with a magnifying glass in front of a Google search page in this illustrative photograph. Google Inc moved its China search service to the more free environment of Hong Kong

Reports Reveal New China Cyberweapon Called 'The Great Cannon'

Various researchers have reported that China has installed a new cyberweapon for their war for Internet censorship. It is called "the Great Cannon."


WordPress Blocked by Pakistani Government

Pakistan hasn't confirmed if WordPress goes into the temporary or permanent list.

China Takes Down Disturbing Documentary On Pollution

China Takes Down Disturbing Documentary On Pollution

A very disturbing film on pollution, "Under the Dome", has been pulled from major video sites and websites reportedly by China's censorship officials.

Chinese Netizens See ‘50 Shades Of Black’ Screen Instead Of Sexual Bondage Film Stream

China's censors are at it again, that is prevent the showing of the sexual bondage movie "50 Shades of Grey" via streaming.

Investiture of the Gods

China Censors Cleavage of Female Character on ‘The Investiture of the Gods’

Daji, a TV character played by Chinese actress Li Yixiao, was the subject of China's censors in the latest episode of the television show "The Investiture of the Gods."

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