Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Study: Sleeping Earlier Can Make You Happier


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New research confirms going to bed earlier can make one happier and less prone to negative thoughts.

People that went to bed late at night and got less sleep are often more overwhelmed by negative thoughts as opposed to those that tuck-in early at night, said researchers Jacob Nota And Meredith Coles from Binghamton University.

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The researchers noted these recurring negative thoughts cause more worry and anxiety and are often associated with mental illness and even anxiety disorders. Negative thoughts can also cause depression and with post traumatic stress disorders. People that suffer from recurring negative thoughts at night often sleep fewer hours and later into the night.

To determine how these negative thoughts arise at bedtime, the researchers surveyed 100 university students about their negative thoughts and asked them to participate in computerized tasks. The students were asked what time they went to bed at night and their sleeping habits, as well. The team also classified the students into morning people or night people.

The survey findings showed those students with late bedtimes had more recurring negative thoughts during the day compared to those who had normal bedtimes.

Those that consider themselves night people reported they had more negative thoughts during the day. This marks the first time researchers linked negative thoughts with bedtime habits that often lead to mental illness.

This study reveals that sleeping problems often lead to negative thoughts and mental illness. Researchers are trying to find a way to combat certain mental illnesses upon early diagnosis among those who suffer from poor sleeping habits.

Coles suggests these findings can lead to new and better treatments for disorders since poor sleep timing and recurring negative thoughts can be indicators of mental illness.

Regular sleeping habits can lead to better memory and optimal brain functioning apart from maintaining a happy and healthy disposition.

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