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Times Asia Top 100 Lists 37 Institutions From China

Chinese students

(Photo : Reuters) Chinese university students attending graduation in Fudan University.

The Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2014 top 100 showed that China is moving up the rankings and is running close to Japan's ranking spot.

Japan has been holding the top spot in the higher education arena, but the recent rankings showed that China is not far behind.

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The list covered 13 Asian countries and was based on the same criteria with TheWorld University Rankings conducted by Thomson Reuters.

“Judging world class universities across all of their core missions - teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook," a post from their official website read. This was in reference to the basis of ranking schools in Asia.

The rankings from Times are among the few higher education rankings that are trusted by governments, universities and its leaders, students and industry across the globe, said a report from China Daily.

The 2014 rankings showed Japan to still dominate the list as 20 of its universities were in. However, the same rankings showed that Japan is now confronted by challenges from China and South Korea.

There were 18 Chinese universities from mainland that made it to the list, three of which were new to the 2014 ranking. Meanwhile, 6 Hong Kong universities and 13 from Chinese Taiwan were also included.

Peking University was listed on the fifth spot while Tsinghua University landed sixth among the 100 best universities in Asia.

There more Chinese universities that landed a spot in the list compared to that of Japan. However, Japan showed higher scores and rankings.

Times Higher Education Rankings editor Phil Baty said that the top position currently held by Japan is being challenged by neighboring countries. Baty also added that the list showed that the power has moved eastwards.

Here are the top 10 universities that made it to the 100 list in the Asia University Rankings 2014:

1 University of Tokyo- Japan
2 National University Singapore- Singapore
3 The University of Hong Kong- Hong Kong
4 Seoul National University- South Korea
5 Peking University- Chinese Mainland
6 Tsinghua University- Chinese Mainland
7 Kyoto University- Japan
8 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology- South Korea
9 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology- Hong Kong
10 Pohang University of Science and Technology- South Korea

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