Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Cyber Attacks on the Rise in 2015


(Photo : Reuters) DDoS remains a favorite attack tool.

Cyber attacks are becoming even more frequent on the internet as more groups like Lizard Squad and political groups strike out at opponents on the web.

The Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report claims cyber attacks were up by 50 percent in 2014, mostly due to brute-force attacks using denial-of-service tools.

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Lizard Squad has been the most prolific group involved in these attacks. It took down Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network over Christmas, causing millions in lost revenue for the two console manufacturers.

The report also mentioned a large rise in political attacks, fueled by the desire to mute the press and attack opponents.

The Syrian Electronic Army was quite active in 2014 with attacks on major news organizations. It threatened to take down Business Insider and The New York Times if it continued to write "propaganda" against the Syrian regime.

After the recent Charlie Hebdo incident, several cyber groups claiming to be connected to ISIS started attacking French websites reporting on the attack.

The worry for security experts is that if DDoS tools become more readily available, it will spur more groups and lone individuals to take up attacks against corporations and their opponents.

The Sony Pictures hack also shows the immense amount of damage an implanted malware attack can do to a computer system. It scared several cinema chains that feared for the safety of moviegoers that went to see 'The Interview' on Christmas Day.

Security experts have called on technology companies to offer readily available and strong encryption and defense tools for corporations. The U.S. government is looking into more involvement in protecting the private sector.

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