Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Pebble to Launch New Smartwatch Next Week


(Photo : Pebble) Pebble has set a countdown for a new announcement.

Pebble will announce a new smartwatch Tuesday, according to new reports, or two months before Apple releases the Apple Watch in most regions.

The 'Get Pebble' website currently has a countdown timer for Tuesday afternoon when it will most likely announce a new Pebble smartwatch.

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Pebble Steel was the second generation smartwatch with a new design. This watch, however, didn't make any improvements on the UI. Pebble might need to get with the times and add an LCD display to compete with Android Wear and the Apple Watch.

App integration might also be a key feature for the next Pebble smartwatch considering it's a glorified notifications reader right now. Having a larger LCD display could remove some of these issues although it's likely Pebble smartwatches will continue to use the Pebble OS.

Pebble started on Kickstarter earning over $10 million and managed to go on to sell over one  million units by 2013. The Pebble Steel gave customers a premium option but since 2013, we haven't heard any sales numbers from the group.

Even though Pebble claims longer battery life and simple notifications are the future of the wearable, Apple's huge health integration and Android Wear's use of voice recognition technology makes the Pebble smartwatch seem very basic.

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