Apple Removes Windows 7 Support on MacBook Air, Pro

By | Mar 22, 2015 04:01 AM EDT

Apple has removed Windows 7 support from all the Mac range. (Photo : Reuters)

It looks like Apple is removing all support for Windows 7 from Boot Camp with the recent MacBook Air and Pro not supporting the older operating system.

Apple has slowly been removing support for Windows 7, first on the Mac Pro in 2013. This did change with the 2014 MacBook Air and Pro but this latest update shows there's no time left for Microsoft's most popular operating system.

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For those unaware, Boot Camp is a program that allows Mac customers to add Windows onto the machine. It's a popular option for customers that want the benefits of Microsoft's full Office support.

Mac customers will only be able to Boot Camp Windows 8 on future Macs. Windows 10 will be available this summer, meaning next year there should be two options available.

Windows 7 did come out in 2009 and holds 60 percent of the desktop market share. This doesn't sit well with Apple, and we bet the company was counting the days until it didn't have to support the OS through Boot Camp.

Windows 8 isn't a popular OS, sitting at 15 percent. We don't expect many people are buying Macs to run Windows 8 considering one of the main selling points is the touch-screen interface.

Apple's MacBook Air and Pro refresh added new internals and the Force Touch trackpad but the main Mac news in 2015 is the new 12-inch MacBook.

It's not confirmed if this MacBook will support Windows 7 through Boot Camp. Our guess is it won't.

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