Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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'Night Of The Living Dead' Game Could Be Adapted On TV By Demarest Films

The extremely popular game could soon be adapted on NYC TV, giving gamers reason to rejoice as Demarest Films indicates the possibility of this happening in the near future.

"Night of the Living Dead" is a great game with interesting twists and turns. What the gamers love the most is the awesome graphics, the portrayal of the living dead, a.k.a the zombies, and the way they are used in the plot; however, even the non-gaming audience will finally have a chance to witness this awesome creations as Demarest Films, a leading production house, has indicated the possibility of adapting the game as a TV show on the New York City channels. This report was confirmed by Polygon.  Coming on TV will surely increase the popularity as well as fan following of the game, said report.

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"Empire of the dead," as the creation is known, is a Marvel project that was written by famous author Romero last year. The entire set-up is beautifully split into five parts with interesting twists and turns at each stage that keep the gamers engrossed.

As you would have already guessed, the game is based in New York City that has been quarantined after mysterious circumstances lead to a zombie outbreak. As the people are battling the beasts on the streets, in their home and everywhere else, they go on clearing every level of the game. The zombies are gruesome and show Marvel's expertise in managing the graphics, however, that is not the only thing - the other unexpected twist that led to the game's meteoric rise is the presence of vampires, as is indicated by Nakedgameplay.

The TV series, based on the game, will also be written by Romero and Peter Grunwald. The two will also be a part of the executive producers team along with Demarest's Sam Englebardt and William D. Johnson. Last year, Demarest was the distributor for Tusk and its production house's upcoming show is The Night Manager; however, will Demarest be able to adapt the grand game on TV successfully is something that only time will be able to reveal. 

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