Updated 2:00 PM EDT, Wed, May 20, 2020

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Former Girls' Generation Idol Jessica Jung Goes Topless For A Photo-Shoot

Jessica Jung

(Photo : You Tube/K-Channels) Former Girls' Generation member talks about her life post-idol days.

Former Girls' Generation idol Jessica Jung has gone topless in her latest photo-shoot for Beauty +. This is the most risqué photo-shoot that she has ever done.

[Check the photo here] In the topless photo, Jung's bare back is towards the camera while she has covered her breasts, with her hands. She is also seen wearing long, palazzo trousers. This edition of the magazine, with Jung on the cover, is set to hit the stands in June. For the cover photo, she has kept her clothes on. She is seen wearing a while long shirt, and has posed in such a way that, only a part of her right leg is exposed.  The other photo from this photo-shoot, published by K Pop Starz, features Jung in her underwear and she is seen wearing a round-neck top.

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This is not the first time that Jung has gone bold since she quit Girls' Generation. In the photo-shoot done for Marie Claire magazine, she is showing more skin compared to what she would have shown if she was still a member of the Korea pop idol group.

Jung in the interview given to Marie Claire said that she wants to show a more mature side of hers, as she is no longer a girl. Also she is enjoying more freedom now, and has claimed that she felt "stifled" when she was part of Girl's Generation. Jung also said that she is aware that she would be criticized for showing skin in her new photo-shoot.

She expected comments such as "... she's showing more skin now that she left Girls' Generation," according to her interview posted by Korea Boo.  She added, "But the truth is, I am no longer a girl. I feel like it is a good thing to show the matured side of Jessica as well."

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