Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Fudan University Replaces Promotional Video Following Outcry Over Plagiarism

Fudan University, a famous educational institution in Shanghai, has been forced to replace a promotional video that critics claimed had plagiarized a similar video from Tokyo University.

A new promotional video released by Fudan University showcased the schools' history as well as the life of the students in its campus.  This video no very little similarities with the previous one.  

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According to, the original promotional video released by Fudan University was titled To My Light. Critics who watched it noted that it bore striking similarities with a 2014 promotional video made by Tokyo University titled Explorer, China Daily reported.

The To My Light Video was first uploaded on Fudan's online site, WeChat and Sina Weibo and it quickly spread to other sites. It didn't take long for the news of the plagiarized Tokyo University video to make headlines.  

The producer of the previous video Teng Yudong later confessed that the University of Tokyo Explorer video served as an inspiration for the Fudan University promotional video.  He nonetheless expressed regret that the name of Fudan University was dragged into the controversy. 

A segment of the To My Light video shows a female Fudan graduate visiting the school in a flight jumpsuit.  In the Explorer video, a female is shown wearing a space suit during her visit the Tokyo University.  Both of the films depict females removing their helmet, some old papers, some shelves of a library, fish bowls and a party scene, according to Shanghaiist.

Teng added that he is not aware if the University of Tokyo has been contacted by Fudan University with regards to the matter of plagiarism.

Fudan University has confirmed that indeed the To My Light video was plagiarised. However, the plagiarism has been blamed on outside contractor hired by the school to create the video.

To exacerbate the matter, even the new Fudan logo to celebrate its 110 years as an institution is being compared to the Apple's Touch ID logo.

Fudan has defended the logo, explaining that the designer got his inspiration from a "fingerprint and nature".

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