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Aliens and UFO News: UFOs Seen In Mexico, Nevada and Russia; Why Are They Showing Up? [VIDEOS]

UFOs and Aliens

(Photo : Reuters) A recent footage of an Unidentified Flying Object was seen in Henderson, Nevada.

Recent footage of an Unidentified Flying Object was seen in Henderson, Nevada. The raw recorded video is more than seven minutes and cannot be disputed according to the prominent UFO researcher Scott C Waring.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, the video shows a group of UFOs that looks just like a phoenix light. Two lights first showed up high in the city of Henderson, then there is an airplane that came along but the two lights remained and changed its position. Little by little these lights are dividing its number into four, five--changing positions horizontally and diagonally just like making a show.

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The said UFOs was seen in glowing yellow, green, white and bluish color. This video was recorded by a the source in February and was taken during night time where city lights are also glowing.

Recently, another footage of the same glowing ball light was spotted in Moscow, Russia. The video lasted for more than 15 minutes. Some said that it was a ball lightning but according to Waring, it has been visible for too long and been showing signs of intelligent movements.

"Ball lightning is much smaller than this... this UFO was about the size of a motorcycle..ball lightning lasts for under one minute, this didn't die out but instead lasted 15 minutes, then it flew away up into the clouds," Waring said.

The UFO researcher also added that the ball light had a second ring of light around it. He also said that UFO flies with curiosity. After the said UFO gone in the clouds, the storm came in minutes later, Express UK reported.                                                  

Just a few weeks ago, there was another news in Mexico where an old man claiming that he was abducted by the UFO. Francisco Acosta Tostado, 68, was found seriously injured in the bushes on the side of the road. He said that he was chased by the an aircraft why he was riding his bike.

A photo taken shows that Tostado had a blood on his shirt, police reported he had a deep gash on his head. This incident happened in the city of Paso de Ovejas, Veracruz, México, Daily News reported.

Many photos have been captured by NASA's Curiosity Rover (in Mars), Google Moon, Google Earth and Google Mars. But these so-called extraterrestrial beings are not being confirmed and supported by some scientists. But there are millions of questions asking, "are aliens really exist?"

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