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Not alien

Another ‘Alien City’ Reveals Itself Floating above Another Chinese City

The massive and ephemeral city that suddenly appeared this week in the skies over the city of Yueyang.


Incredible Chilean Navy Video Proves Existence of UFOs

Adding more mystery to this mystery is that the UFO didn't appear on radar.

UFO reportedly spotted hovering across the skies in Guangzhou, China.

Dashboard Cam Captures UFO Hovering over the Traffic in Guangzhou, China [VIDEO]

A strange flying object has reportedly been spotted hovering over the traffic of the busy street of Guangzhou, China, as shown on a video footage captured by a dashboard camera of one car.

It floats?

Mysterious Floating Island in Argentina Called ‘The Eye’ Might be an Alien Base

Some UFOlogists claim The Eye is the upper part of an alien base.

Visiting for tea

UFO Seen from the ISS Triggers Cries of NASA Cover-up

NASA, however, had an explanation for the livestream interruption.

Peek-a-boo UFO

Odd Shaped UFO Checks-out ‘Project Bluebook’ USAF Base

There have been numerous UFO sightings over Wright-Patterson since the end of World War II.

Scott Kelly's Photo

Is that a UFO? American Scientist Sparks Debate After Posting Photo with Mysterious UFO-Like Object

An American astronaut has posted a photo on social media that has left a question mark on the minds of many people.

UFOs and Aliens

UFO, Alien News: Government Hiding Extraterrestrial Evidence, UFO Expert Revealed!

Another UFO expert revealed that the existence of the said UFOs is soon getting unravelled. Chase Kloetzke, the leading UFO researcher said that science had opened up to conspiracy theorist to further study alien's physical traces.


Alien, UFO News: NASA Live Video Feed Reveals UFO Watching Over The ISS! [VIDEO]

NASA's live video feed spotted another UFO hovering around the International Space Station. The said UFO was orbiting only miles in diameter and about 250 miles over Earth's surface.

Crashing UFO in Thailand

UFO, Aliens Update: Crashing UFO Filmed Accidentally by DashCam in Thailand!

Another unexpected footage of a UFO was filmed by a motorist in Phong Phet, Thailand. The said UFO was seen crashed, but as usual, conspiracy theorist cannot find any evidence on the said area.

Ryanair Passenger Jet

UFO Spotted Flying Dangerously Close To a Ryanair Passenger Jet; Almost Made The Pilots Out Of Control!

An object believed to be a UFO was filmed by the passenger on board of Ryanair Boeing 737 jet. The UFO was flying very fast and dangerously close to the wing of the aircraft, which almost made the pilots out of control.

Alien body from UFO crashed in New Mexico

Alien & UFO News: Baby Alien Found In Russia; Roswell Conspiracy: UFO Crashed In New Mexico Revealed

Conspiracy theorist and scientists were amused with the discovery of the baby alien. The said alien was found in the banks of the river in the town of Sosnovy Bor, Russia, the 1950 Leningrad nuclear plant.


Alien and UFO News: Bold Proofs They Exist; NASA Guides On How To identify Alien’s Existence!

Conspiracy theorists always long to find proof of aliens and UFO. There are lots of aliens and UFO evidence videos that comes along almost every day and continues to make humans long for something more.

UFOs and Aliens

Aliens and UFO News: UFOs Seen In Mexico, Nevada and Russia; Why Are They Showing Up? [VIDEOS]

Recent footage of an Unidentified Flying Object was seen in Henderson, Nevada. The raw recorded video is more than seven minutes and cannot be disputed according to the prominent UFO researcher Scott C Waring.


Space News: Earth Is Being Watched By UFO’s; Alien Trying to Save Human Race?

NASA's International Space Station was reportedly being watched and monitored by the Unidentified Flying Objects. Last week's report shows a video of a Martian woman taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover. Another footage of the said "alien" was rumored taken by NASA camera was showing a pinkish-white object flying across space around the ISS.

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