Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Tony Hung Urges Nations to Kill ISIS

Tony Hung

(Photo : INSTAGRAM/Tony Hung) Tony Hung has come under some criticisms for demanding that nations step up military efforts to stop ISIS following the attacks in Paris.

TVB host and actor Tony Hung is one of many Hong Kong celebrities who reacted on social media to the recent attacks in Paris. Hung posted an image on Instagram with an image that reads, "KEEP CALM AND KILL ISIS." He captioning the post with "To lessen violence, one must use more violence."

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The said killings in Paris seems to have hit close to home for Hung, who visited the Middle East for the 2012 documentary "Pilgrimage of Hope". During production filming, Hung was forced out of the public vehicle he was riding while he was on his way to Beirut by Lebanese soldiers armed with guns and a large tank.

Tony said that the encounter had scared him so much that his mind went absolutely blank from the ordeal. He also stated that his legs were shaking uncontrollably from what he had gone through, and the trauma continues to haunt him today.

While some of those who read his comments about the attacks in Paris commended "his guts", others stated that violence is not the answer and that nations should instead aim for world peace.

Meanwhile celebrity Anthony Wong has said that he believes the militants who terrorized Paris were crazy murderers. He said he doesn't agree with Hung's comments regarding the use of violence. Instead, Wong believes that the only way to end the bloodshed is to use the law to stop terrorist organizations.

ISIS terrorists claimed at least 130 lives in Paris on November 13 in coordinated attacks which consisted on mass shootings and suicide bombings. French President Francois Hollande has vowed retaliation against the terrorist group.

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