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US will Deploy F-35 Stealth Fighters to the Middle East in the Next Five Years

Then there's Russia's military in Syria.

To Syria?

US on Brink of Sending Combat Troops to Fight ISIL in Syria; Russia Alarmed

They report Trump has directed the Pentagon to accelerate plans for defeating ISIL

Jump jets

US Navy and Marines Intensify Airstrikes against ISIS in Libya

Wasp initially used AV-8B Harrier jump jets as strike aircraft and added AH-1W SuperCobra attack helicopters to provide close air support on these strike missions.

Gone with the wind

More US Troops Heading for Iraq in Advance of Mosul Offensive in October

The Americans will assist Iraqi and Kurdish forces that will lead the fight to retake Mosul and ISIL's shrinking territory in Iraq.


Mohamad Khweis: American ISIS Defector Charged with Terrorism

An American national who left the United States to join ISIS before being caught by Kurdish forces was charged with terrorism in a federal court on Thursday.

Car bomb kills 20 in Homs, Syria

Car Explosion Kills 20 People in Syria, IS Claims Responsibility

Approximately 20 civilians were killed and 54 people were injured following a car bomb attack in the central Syrian city of Homs on Saturday, Dec, 12, according to Xinhua.

YPG fighters control downtown of Tal Abyad, Syria

Chinese Citizen Joins Kurdish YPG Militia to Fight Against IS

Few people would associate China and its people with the so-called Islamic State (IS). However, one Chinese national has allegedly entered Syria to fight alongside the Kurdish militia group.

 A general view of security personnel outside Beijing National Stadium

Mandarin 'ISIL Clip' Sparks Alarm in China

Beijing is calling for increased cooperation against terrorism after ISIL released a war song in Mandarin. China has urged the world to end the double standard on terror.

Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Appears in Court in Front of Relatives of Victims

Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Appears in Court

A gunman accused of opening fire and killing three people and injuring nine others inside a Planned Parenthood Clinic last week appeared in court on Monday and was told he would be charged with first-degree murder and could face death penalty.

Paris Climate Change Summit

World Leaders Gather in Paris for Climate Change Summit

Following multiple terror attacks that struck Paris two weeks ago, world leaders flying into the city with heightened security amid an atmosphere of unprecedented positivity that a much needed climate change can be reached.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Columbus, Ohio

Republicans Support for Trump has Dropped by 12 Percent: Survey

Support for U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump among the Republicans dropped by 12 points in just a week - this is Trump's the biggest decline since he climbed to the top of the field in July.

Angered Chinese President Xi Jinping announces to wage war against the Islamic State

China Declares War on ISIS After Terrorists Execute Chinese Hostage

Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to wage war on the Islamic State after the extremist group executed one of its citizens.

Telegram, ISIS

Telegram Blocks ISIS-Controlled Channels

Secure messaging app Telegram announced on Wednesday that it is closing 78 public channels believed to have been used by Islamic State supporters and militants. The public channels covered 12 languages.

CIA Director John Brennan, ISIS

CIA Director Calls for More Surveillance, Says ISIS Could Have Other Attacks 'in the Pipeline'

CIA Director John Brennan on Monday said that he suspects the Islamic State could be working on more terrorist plots against the West. His statement follows Friday's attack in Paris which killed at least 129 people and left hundreds more injured.

Tony Hung

Tony Hung Urges Nations to Kill ISIS

TVB host and actor Tony Hung is one of many Hong Kong celebrities who reacted on social media to the recent attacks in Paris. Hung posted an image on Instagram with an image that reads, "KEEP CALM AND KILL ISIS." He captioning the post with "To lessen violence, one must use more violence."

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