Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Chinese Nurse Climbs out of Hospital Window to Stop Patient from Committing Suicide

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(Photo : China Photos/Getty Images) A Chinese nurse climbed out the second floor window of a hospital to stop a patient from committing suicide this week.

A nurse in western China stopped a patient from jumping to his death on Tuesday by climbing out of the window to push him back.

The patient, an elderly man, was suffering from serious lung diseases, according to Chengdu Business Daily. He was receiving treatment from a hospital in Chengdu in Sichuan province when he tried to kill himself by jumping from the window in his second-floor room. He tried to do this as he thought that he would not recover from his illness.

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A security guard saw the patient attempting to jump and rushed in to pull him back to safety. The nurse, 26, saw them and quickly rushed to help. She climbed out the window and positioned herself on a ledge while holding the elderly man's arm.

Others also helped to pull the patient back to safety.

The nurse told the newspaper that she was focused on ensuring the patient's safety, and did not think of her own safety as she rushed to help.

Daring Rescues

Public servants in China have been risking their lives to ensure the safety of the general public. Earlier this month, rescuers in eastern China were able to prevent a woman from jumping off her fifth floor flat by kicking her back in.

The unidentified woman was perching on the window of her flat in Xuzhuo in Jiangsu province on May 4. Photos of the incident showed that she was visibly upset and holding rat poison in her hands. Responding to the situation, rescuers quickly entered her flat to persuade her to refrain from jumping.

Meanwhile, another team of rescuers went up one floor higher. Once there, one of the rescuers went out from a window directly above the woman. Securing himself using a rope held by other rescuers, the rescuer then jumped down to kick the woman back to safety.

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