Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Jackie Chan Nearly Died While Filming 'Skiptrace' [VIDEO]

Jackie Chan revealed that he nearly lost his life while filming an action scene for his recent release "Skiptrace."

(Photo : YouTube/Gurgen Adamyan) Jackie Chan revealed that he nearly lost his life while filming an action scene for his recent release "Skiptrace."

Actor Jackie Chan is known for performing his own daredevil stunts, whether its sliding down a glass building in "Who Am I?" or jumping off a bridge and landing on a double-decker bus using a lamp post in "New Police Story" and has suffered many injuries in the process, but the martial arts expert has now revealed that ne nearly lost his life while filming "Skiptrace."

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Still strong at the age of 62, the actor chose not to use a stunt double for a scene that required him to remain in freezing waters for a duration of 30 minutes in the middle of Winter and nearly met his maker while filming the shot.

"I tried my best this time, and I almost died during filming," Chan said at the Beijing premiere of the film on Sunday, according to China Daily. "I met a torrent, fell out of a raft and was sent rolling in the water. I'm not a good swimmer, so I was really screaming for help."

The rescue crew was unable to reach the actor to rescue him but fortunately enough the raft turned back due to the water's flow and Chan was pulled to safety. "Life is so vulnerable. It is horrifying," he said about his near-death experience in Guangxi province.

Despite cheating death, Jackie said he will continue to perform his own stunts and preferred real kung-fu and real action over CGI or visual effects. "I'm not a fan of high-tech effects, I just like raw and simple things," he noted.

"Skiptrace" is an action comedy film directed by Hollywood filmmaker Renny Harlin on a script written by Jackie Chan himself and has already raked in a whopping $60 million at the Chinese box-office. 

The film, which follows a retired Hong Kong detective who teams up with an American gambler to take down Chinese criminals, also stars Johnny Knoxville, Eric Tsand and Fan Bingbing.

Watch the making of the near-fatal scene below:

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