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Benjie Batanes

Beijing Marathon

Beijing Marathon Held Despite Concerns of Heavy Air Pollution, Several Runners Hospitalized

More than 30,000 runners participated in this year's Beijing Marathon on Sunday, despite heavy air pollution in the city. During the event, several runners and a race official were hospitalized for various medical reasons ranging from dehydration to heart attack.

Tree of Life

Scientists Claim to Have Uncovered Tree of Life for More Than 2 Million Species

A group of scientists have published an initial version of a "Tree of Life," which they claim can trace the existence of more than 2 million species ranging from microbes to plants and animals.

Apple Store China Malware Attack

Chinese Apple Store Attacked by Malware Program XcodeGhost

An anti-virus software company announced on Friday that a malware program called XcodeGhost has infected several Chinese apps in Apple Stores. The malware is being used to collect information from Apple mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads.

NASA New Horizons Pluto

NASA Spacecraft Takes Latest Pictures of Pluto's Atmosphere and Terrain

NASA has released photographs taken by one of its spacecrafts as it flew by Pluto on July 14. The pictures released on Thursday has provided scientists with details about the unique environment in Pluto.

nasa, orion

Test Flights For First Manned Spacecraft to Deep Space Not Feasible Until 2023

NASA announced on Wednesday that plans to send the first manned space flight scheduled for 2021 is no longer feasible. The date has been moved to 2023 to allow further preparations.

Ahmen Mohammed

American Muslim Teen Gets Nationwide Support After Being Arrested Over Homemade Clock

Americans around the country including President Barack Obama have declared their support for a Muslim teenager in Dallas who was arrested on Monday after being suspected of bringing in a suspected explosive device to school. The “device” turned out to be a digital clock built by the teen.

China Sperm Banks, Apple iPhone6s,

Chinese Sperm Bank Entices Donors with Apple's iPhone 6s

A number of Chinese sperm banks are offering potential donors enough cash to buy an Apple iPhone 6s. The online ads, which started circulating on Monday, are meant to encourage more males to donate their sperm to the bank.

China-US bilateral cyberspace security deal

President Obama Puts China on Notice Over Recent Cyber Attacks Against the U.S.

President Barack Obama revealed on Wednesday that his government is making plans to punish those responsible for the recent cyber attacks against the United States. Many Americans suspect that China is behind the attacks and this may cause tension when Chinese leader Xi Jinping meets with Obama in Washington at the end of this month.

China, U.S., Climate Change

U.S., China Leaders Agree to Implement Carbon Emission Reduction in Key Cities

Leaders from the U.S. and China have announced a more ambitious carbon emission reduction plan than what was expected during the summit to tackle climate change on Tuesday. Many were surprised by the accelerated target to lower greenhouse gases produced by both countries.

Arctic Ice

Latest NASA Satellite Images Show Massive Ice Loss in Arctic Sea

Images of the Arctic Sea taken from space on September 11 by NASA satellites show massive ice loss. The ice deposits in that area helps to cool the earth's temperature by deflecting the sun's heat away from the planet.

CITIC Securities

Chinese Brokers Face Government Probe Over Allegations of Insider Trading

Chinese authorities announced on Monday that several high ranking employees of one of the largest brokerage firm in the country are being probed over allegations that they engaged in insider trading of stocks. The government's move is seen as an indication that it will not hesitate to employ any means at its disposal to prevent the ongoing massive selling of Chinese stocks.

Xi Jinping, United States

United States Prepares for First Official Visit of Chinese Leader Xi Jinping

United States officials on Monday announced that Chinese leader Xi Jinping will arrive in the country by the end of September. This will be Xi's first official visit to the U.S. and the discussion between him and President Obama will focus on bilateral business relations and allegations of Chinese cyber attacks, which has embarrassed and infuriated the American government.

China Nuclear Power

China Conducts Nuclear Plants Safety Inspections Following Tragic Tianjin Port Explosions

Chinese environmental regulators announced on Monday that they will be conducting safety inspections on the various nuclear power plants scattered across the country. The move comes after news that the massive explosion in Tianjin was caused by fire in a warehouse filled with toxic chemicals.

Eric Schmidt

Delta State University Professor Commits Suicide After Killing 2 People

A Delta State University professor committed suicide on Monday evening after killing two people. Police are yet to determined the motive behind the killings.

Obesity, Food Portion

Experts Claim Reducing Food Portion Could Help Obese People Lose Weight

Researchers in the U.K. published a study on Tuesday, claiming that reducing the amount of food served in commercial establishments and homes could help obese people lose weight. The research cited the common practice of many people, who eat everything on the plate for fear of wasting the food.

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