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Benjie Batanes

Chinese Green Tea Hepatitis

British Teenager Diagnosed With Hepatitis After Drinking Chinese Green Tea Bought Online

The British Medical Journal on Friday published the case of female teenager who was diagnosed with hepatitis with no clear indication of how she got it. The doctors were finally able to trace the cause of the disease to a certain ingredient included in a Chinese green tea that she bought online.

Pope Francis U.S. Congress

Pope Francis Addresses U.S. Congress, Prods Lawmakers to Help the World's Poor

The head of the Catholic Church addressed the U.S. Congress on Thursday and prodded the lawmakers to help the world's poor with regards to immigration, climate change and various social ills plaguing the world.

Panda Killed Yunan Province

3 Chinese Poachers Charged For Killing Panda and Selling Meat

Three Chinese poachers have been charged on Wednesday for killing a panda and then selling its meat. Giant pandas are currently in the endangered animals list and hunting them is punishable under China's law.

Michael Harding

Decorated Florida Police Officer Charged for Disseminating Child Pornography

Charges of disseminating child pornography were filed against a decorated Florida policeman on Wednesday after undercover federal agents collected evidence in his home and on his smartphone.

Calendar Cells

Researchers Uncover Cells That Run The Human Chemical Calendar

Researchers have uncovered certain cells that control the human chemical calendar, which may affect the body's immune system. Their findings have been published in the September edition of Current Biology journal.

Human Brain Linking

American Scientists Claim to Have Successfully Linked Two Human Brains

A group of scientists at Washington University published a study on Wednesday revealing that they have successfully linked two human brains through a guessing game. Researchers believe that such human capacity can revolutionize how people pass information or communicate with each other.

Bee Attack Arizona

4 People in Arizona Rushed to Hospital Due to Numerous Bee Stings

At least six people were stung repeatedly after bees converged in an Arizona neighborhood on Tuesday. Four of the victims needed to stay in the hospital for further treatment after the ordeal.

Pope Francis Climate Change

Pope Francis Urges America to Take Action on Climate Change – Republicans Bent on Ignoring Call

Pope Francis has urged America to contribute more in the fight against climate change during a White House speech on Wednesday. But, a number of politicians, mostly from the Republican Party, are calling on their countrymen to ignore the Pope's message.

Hilary Clinton Private Email Server Hacking Attempts

U.S. Federal Authorities Recover Hillary Clinton's 'Deleted' Emails

Federal authorities have successfully retrieved Hillary Clinton's emails, which had allegedly been deleted from the computer server. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is concerned that those emails may contain a number of classified government information.

Boeing China, U.S.

Boeing Workers Vow Mass Protests if They Are Laid Off Due to Proposed China Plant

Representatives of Boeing union workers on Wednesday threatened the airline manufacturer with mass protests if their jobs are given to Chinese workers. The threat was triggered by an announcement that Boeing is considering building a factory in China.

Giant Panda Panpan 30 years old

Pan Pan: Oldest Known Male Giant Panda Marks 30th Birthday in China

The oldest known giant male panda in the world, Pan Pan, was greeted by well wishers in China during his 30th birthday on Monday. In human years, the panda is considered to be at least a hundred years old.

Stewart Parnell, Peanut Corporation

Peanut CEO Gets 28 Years in Jail for Salmonella Outbreak

A Peanut CEO received a 28 years jail sentence on Monday for knowingly permitting the release of salmonella-tainted peanut butter products to American consumers. The trial and sentencing took place in the state of Georgia.


Pharmaceutical Company Increases Parasite Drug Price by More Than 5,000 Percent – Public Demands Explanation

A pharmaceutical company suddenly increased the price of one its parasite drugs by more than 5,000 percent this month. The general public including doctors, health advocacy groups and prominent politicians are demanding an explanation for the big jump in price.

Fanya Metal Exchange

Defrauded Chinese Investors Stage Protest in Front of Government Regulatory Agency

Enraged investors staged a protest on Monday in front of the government regulatory body tasked with safeguarding their interest. The protesters claim the authorities ignored their complaints against a local metal exchange company, which reportedly cheated them of several billion yuan.


British Chancellor George Osborne Welcomes Greater Financial Partnership With China

British Chancellor George Osborne is in China to promote greater financial ties for both countries. Despite the Chinese economic slowdown, he believes that interconnecting the British and Chinese stock markets would prove beneficial to the former.

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