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Garima Vohra

Amur Leopard Protection Ground in China-Russia

Sino-Russian Nature Reseve to Protect Amur Leopards to be a Reality Soon

A joint operation this year by the researchers from China and Russia has reported a rise in the population of Amur leopard in both the nations.

Legionnaires disease

NYC Mayor Passes Law to Alleviate Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak

A Legionnaires' disease has gripped New York City's South Bronx, infecting up to 98 residents - the highest in the history of the city's public health. Latest reports indicate that eight people have died and 90 are seriously ill. The first case of the disease was diagnosed on July 12.

Heyuan City Dinosaur Eggs China

Heyuan City: China's Hometown of Dinosaurs

Once again, Heyuan City, located in Guangdong Province of China, has proven why it is celebrated as the "Hometown of the Dinosaur." Recently, state police confiscated 213 dinosaur egg fossils while conducting a raid in a local house. In addition, a complete set of dinosaur skeleton was also confiscated.

New Hampshire Thunderstorm Tent Collapse

Circus Tent Collapse Kills 2 in New Hampshire

A thunderstorm caused a circus tent to collapse at the Lancaster fairground in New Hampshire on Monday, killing two people and injuring 22 others.

Memorial Held For Two Police Officers Killed During Traffic Stop

Murder of Memphis Police Officer Adds Fuel to Ongoing Debate on Gun Laws in the U.S.

The gunman who shot a Memphis police officer at a traffic stop this past weekend has been identified as Tremaine Wilbourn, a 29-year-old drug dealer.

President Obama And Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Hold Joint News Conference

U.S. Has Been Spying on Japan Since 2006 - Wikileaks

Wikileaks recently revealed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on Japanese government officials and Japanese companies, once again the vulnerability of the internet, the big data war, and the acceptable level of surveillance.

UN Security Council Wildlife Trafficking Resolution

UN Approves Resolution Against Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

The loss of a 13-year-old lion has led to the adoption of the resolution titled Tackling Illicit Trafficking in Wildlife by the UN tp combat illegal wildlife trafficking and trade. The resolution was proposed by Gabon and Germany initially, and was sponsored by more than 70 countries.

GM Corn Seeds

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Chinese Woman Accused of Stealing Billions of Modified Corn Seeds

A court judge on Tuesday dismissed the charges against Mo Yun, a Chinese woman alleged to be involved in the conspiracy to steal genetically modified corn seeds in Iowa.

World Leaders Speak At UN Climate Summit

American States May Get More Time to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

It is being speculated that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Obama administration has unanimously agreed to postpone the deadline for states to reduce green house emissions to 2022 instead of 2020. This amendment is not expected to affect the initial plan of reducing emissions by 26 to 28 percent by 2025.

Flying Gun

Teenager's Youtube Video of Drone with Live Gun Sparks Federal Investigation [VIDEO]

After the video of a gun attached to a drone firing rounds in a park in Clinton was viewed by over two million people, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decided to revisit its recently released proposal governing drones for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Rally Calling For Safer Gun Legislation Held In Hartford

Arlington Gun Shop: Debate on Gun Control Continues in US

Residents of Arlington recently concluded a two-month-long protest that expresses their disagreement on the opening of a firearm shop in a local mall. Furthermore, they are against the selling of automatic and semi-automatic weapons of mass destruction.

Donald Trump

Playing the Trump Card: Donald Trump's Net Worth Comes Under the Spotlight

Whether Donald Trump is a rich man or a really-rich-man is a question that Americans are pondering. The net worth of the sharp businessman and Republican presidential candidate is more than $10 billion and his income was $362 million last year, according to an announcement by his campaign team on Tuesday.


Companies from U.S., China, Other Nations Bid for Access to Mexico's Oilfields After 76 Years

July 15 will mark a new event in the history of Mexico, and might pull off a new lease of life for its dwindling economy, rising inflation and crumbling infrastructure.

China industrialization

China to Develop More Industrial Parks to Spur Socio-Economic Growth

In a bid to drive the economy at the desired rate, China has decided to develop approximately 60 zones for promoting industrial urbanization.

China HIgh Speed Railway

China's High Speed Rail Network is Leading the Way

China has successfully marched ahead by developing bullet standard trains based on in-house norms and technologies. These trains are designed according to China's environment and rail transport patterns. Thus, China is ready to replace foreign standard models of bullet trains and reduce their production, operational, and maintenance costs to a great extent.

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