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3-Year-Old Boy Beaten to Death for Refusing to Eat Toast

A three-year-old boy has reportedly died in the hands of his own mother and her boyfriend in a manner a prosecutor pronounced as an "unspeakable act of depravity".

La Plata High School

Former Marine Banned from High School due to Argument over Islam Homework

An ex-Marine officer, who has a child studying in a Maryland high school, has been barred from the institution following an intense argument with the school authorities over an assignment on Islam.

Eric Frein

FBI Most Wanted Fugitive and Suspected Cop Killer Eric Frein Arrested in Pennsylvania

Alleged cop killer Eric Matthew Frein has been finally taken into custody, which put an end to the almost seven weeks of being on the run from authorities, according to an announcement from Connie Devens, the spokesperson from Pennsylvania State Police, on Thursday.

China One-Child Policy

Fewer Chinese Parents Want Second Child

A decreasing number of Chinese couples have applied to obtain a permit for a second child as reflected by the data presented by the National Health and Family Planning Commission on Wednesday.


Sexologist Penalized for Swindling Funds

An administrative penalty has been meted out against China's most prominent sexology expert due to swindling funds allocated by the State for research. A report from the online news website The Paper disclosed that he has already been demoted. In addition, he will be required to retire earlier than expected.

Colorado Man Goes Missing During Denver Broncos game

A Broncos fan has been reported missing since Thursday when he left his family and friends during the halftime of a match with the San Diego Chargers at Sports Authority Field.


Women More Proactive in Improving Their Sex Lives

More and more women are actively seeking ways to achieve an orgasm nowadays as presented by a report compiled by the China Sexology Association, the Chinese Medical Association's Society of Andrology, and Pfizer, which was released in Beijing over the weekend.

China Cult Crimes

China Seeks Harsh Punishments for Cult Crimes

Harsher punishment will be meted out against organizations identified as cults, as well as to those found guilty of committing cult-related crimes in China, as shown in the draft of the Criminal Law amendment presented for review on Monday.


Man Convicted of Murder for Shooting of 2 Chinese Students

The man who confessed to the murders of two Chinese engineering graduate students was convicted on Monday of first-degree murder.

Leung Chai-yan

Leung Blasted by Sports, Religious Sectors

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying received a piece of advice from Sarah Lee, a track cyclist who brought glory to Hong Kong by winning medals from the Olympics and Asian Games.

Wang Qishan

China's Chief Discipline Inspector Vows to Rid of "Rotten Ones" in Government

Chief discipline inspector Wang Qishan, who is from the ruling party in China, made his message clear that there is no place for corrupt officials under their leadership.


Hatchet-Wielding Man Attacks NY Police Officers

A man wielding a hatchet attacked New York City police officers who were standing for a photograph on Thursday. One of the two victims has been critically injured before they were able to fatally shoot the attacker, the police disclosed.

Clone Taxi

Guangzhou Destroys 178 "Clone" Taxis

A total of 178 “clone” taxis have been destroyed by Guangzhou officials on Wednesday, as reported by the Guangzhou Daily.


"Naked Officials" May be Barred from Higher Posts

Guangdong province is planning to implement new rules aimed at strengthening the anti-corruption campaign of the country by tightening regulations to bar officials from uniting with their families overseas. The new rules were disclosed on Wednesday and presented to the public for comment.


McDonald's Serves Half-Eaten Muffin to Customer

A McDonald's customer ordered a sausage biscuit sandwich in one of the food chain's branches along the Mississippi state, but received a half-eaten English muffin.

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