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China to start construction of its first ever Antarctic airfield as early as year's end.

China Selects First Antarctic Airfield Site; To Start Construction in 2018

China has picked a location to set up its first ever airfield in Antarctica, with plans for construction expected to begin later this year.

Eye on the universe

China’s New KDUST Telescope in Antarctica to begin Operations in 2020

China has sent its astronomers to Dome A every year since 2007.

South pole carbon dioxide levels hit milestone record at 400 ppm.

Carbon Dioxide Levels in Antarctica Reach Highest Ever in 4 Million Years

NOAA just revealed alarming carbon dioxide rates that already reached the Antarctic region, at 400 ppm, which is the highest ever in 4 million years.

Location of the southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current front (white contour), with -1 degree Celsius sea surface temperature lines (black contours) on Sept. 22 each year from 2002-2009, plotted against a chart of the depth of the Southern Ocean around Ant

The Bizarre Reason Why Antarctic Ice is Increasing While Arctic Ice is Melting

New radar data from NASA reveals how ice in Antarctica is increasing despite Arctic ice is rapidly melting due to global warming.

Frozen dinosaurs

Scientists Stumble upon Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica

Some 170 million years ago, Antarctica had a tropical climate.


Alien Life Forms Might Abound in New Subglacial Antarctic Lake

The newly-discovered lake cuts through a massive canyon system along Antarctica's eastern coast.

Sperm Bank Scientist

World's Oldest Sperm May Be A Window To The Past

In Science, it is widely known that living things without bones do not fossilize easily as compared to those who have. These include worms, leeches and sperm. But, a group of scientists from Stockholm were in awe upon the discovery of a 50-million-year-old sperm of a worm-like creature which was fossilized.

Large meltwater stream rushes across the surface of the Greenland ice sheet

Mystery Of 'Disappearing Lakes' In Greenland Solved; What Did Scientists Find?

Over a decade ago, scientists were mystified when lakes sitting atop Greenland’s ice sheet suddenly drained out billions of gallons of water in just hours. Now it appears the mystery is solved. Geoscientists have published a new study in the journal Nature on June 3 explaining the alarming phenomenon, reported Live Science.

Antarctic Great Wall Station

China Plans To Expand Strategic Interest In Antarctica

Xi Jinping, the president of China, who has traveled from Europe, Pacific and Carribean Islands pursuing his nation's strategic interest, is now planning to establish a mark on another far region, the Antarctic, according to NY Times.

Found in Taylor Glacier, Blood Falls gushes out brine rich in iron and sulfur into the Antarctic.

Antarctica's 'Blood Glacier' Can Host Primitive Alien Life Forms

A new study reveals a network of salty lakes underneath Taylor Glacier, made famous by Blood Falls where primitive life forms dwell similar to those on Mars.

Antarctica's ice shelves

Antarctica Sets Hottest Day Records on Two Straight Days

The temperature in Antarctica rose to 63.5°F (17.5°C) -- a record for the polar continent.

Antarctic Ice Sheet

Antarctica is Melting Fast due to Massive Valleys of Warm Water Beneath It

This extreme phenomenon led to the melting of the Great Ice Sheet of West Antarctica.

emperor penguins

Study Finds Only Three Groups of Emperor Penguins Survived the Last Ice Age

Emperor Penguins can thrive at temperatures of -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fish under  Antarctica

Fishes Survive in Deadly Cold Antarctic Environment

Experts believe that in the absence of sunlight, life could be powered by chemical energy.

Levick's Diary

Journal of Failed Antarctic Expedition Found After 100 Years

The notebook is a missing part of the official expedition record.

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