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How China Has The Coronavirus Slowed Down? Timeline And Measures Of the Battle Against COVID-19

Health experts around the world said over the past days that the coronavirus is slowing down in China, where the CoVID-19 strain was first discovered.

Sandbox ‘Minecraft’ Game is Finally Coming to the Nintendo Wii U

Microsoft Unveils new Battle Mini-Game for ‘Minecraft’

While there are already several ways to play the popular sandbox game "Minecraft," the game's developer is still pushing the boundary to introduce new gameplay to ensure replayability. Tech giant Microsoft has announced that the console edition of "Minecraft" will receive an update called "Battle," which will be released as a free add-on in June.

Rapper Chris Brown

Chris Brown to Face Custody Battle for Daughter Royalty

RnB singer Chris Brown might have to face a custody battle for her daughter Royalty. Nia Guzman, mother of the 1-year-old said that she doesn't trust Chris alone with their baby.

Ukraine Vs. Pro-Russian Rebels

Ukraine And Pro-Russian Separatists Fight Again Despite Cease-fire Agreement

Another deadly battle took place around the Donetsk Airport in Ukraine on Sunday between the government and rebels, leaving nine Ukrainian soldiers and three civilians dead despite the cease-fire agreement issued recently.

Chinese air pollution

Chinese Drones Battle Pollution Over China

Drones identify polluting companies.

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