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 Brazilian free-tailed bat is the new fastest flying animal in the world.

Fastest Flying Animal is NOT a Bird but a BAT known as Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat

It is common knowledge that the bird is the fastest flying animal on Earth yet a new study reveals that the Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat is a better flyer.

Canadian geese

One Third of Migratory Birds Face Extinction in North America

A new report details how one third of migratory birds in North America could face imminent extinction.

Zebra finches with redder beaks are preferred sexual mates than those with yellow beaks.

Study: Red Birds Are Healthier and Stronger

A new study reveals the genes that are responsible for turning the beaks and feathers of birds into a red color, where redder ones are considered a more suitable mate.

The Far Eastern Curlew are suffering rapid declines from loss of habitat along their flight path between Siberia and Australia.

91% of Migratory Birds at Risk Due to Habitat Loss

New findings reveal how more than 90 percent of migratory birds' habitats including breeding grounds are poorly protected across the globe.

Tapping Birds during bizzare mating

Tropical Bird Tap Dances During Bizarre Mating Ritual, Japanese Researchers Discover

All birds do like singing, but it seems some of them enjoy dancing too. A high speed video technology was used by Japanese researchers to capture 16 tropical finches engaging in a speedy 'tap dance' as part of their courtship ritual.

A. meemannae

Feathery Fossils Suggest Birds Evolved Sooner Than Believed

The discovery of 130 million year-old feathery fossils suggest that birds evolved earlier than previously believed.

Double crested cormorants

U.S. Government to Kill 11,000 Cormorants to Save Endangered Salmon

This plan is preferred over another alternative that orders the killing of 18,000 birds by 2018.

Bald eagle

Bald Eagles Population in Indiana on the Rise

The ecological health of an area can be judged by the predatory bird population.

Bald eagle

Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count Hits Success

2014 has been a great year for Chicago in the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count because it turned up some interesting faces and numbers.

Zebra finch

Drunk Birds do Sing Like Drunk Birds

The slurring made the finches a bit disorganized when it came to producing sounds.

Golden-winged warblers

Golden-winged Warblers can Sense Unseen Tornadoes and Hurricanes

A theory says the bird can somehow hear the infrasound (or a low-frequency noise) created by storms.


Why Don't Birds Have Any Teeth?

The absence of teeth in birds is called "edentulism."

South American River Turtle

Turtles Are Descended from Dinosaurs, New Study Reports

Turtles are more related to dinosaurs and birds than they are to lizards.

Sulawesi streaked flycatcher

New Bird Species Discovered in Indonesia

The new species is called "Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher".

Bird flu outbreak

Bird Flu Case Confirmed In English Farm

This isn't the H5N1 type that 's deadly to humans, however.

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