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PLA says US and Japan are in a ‘de facto Global Military Alliance’

Trump also made it clear he would challenge Washington's consistent stance on the "One China" principle, which Trump has shown every indication of doing.

Rescue operations is still ongoing after a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit the region last week on Friday

China Conducts Ongoing Rescue Operations in Earthquake-Hit Region

Military personnel have so far successfully evacuated 350 people from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Akto County after it was hit by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake last Friday.

The third generation J-10 Jet fighter.

China's First Female Fighter Jet Pilot Dies During Training Accident

Capt. Yu Xu (30), one of China's first female jet fighter pilot died in an accident which occurred during a flight training routine over the weekend.

President Xi Jinping

Top Chinese Military Official Arrested Over Corruption Allegations

The Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff Department under China's powerful Central Military Commission, General Wang Jianping, has been arrested over corruption.


China Investigates Generals in Corruption Crackdown

China has launched an investigation into two former major generals suspected of committing "serious disciplinary violations" as part of an ongoing purge of corrupt military officials.

Chinese Military

War on Corruption Extends to China’s Military Sector

China's military sector has extended their war against corruption in their own backyard.

China Artificial Island

China News: China Heed’s Warning, Halts Efforts To Build New Artificial Islands

China has finally agreed to stop building new artificial islands. China's foreign ministry said that, although they have agreed to stop, efforts to continue and finish what they have already started will continue until such project is done.

China-US Military Agreement

United States and China Sign Military Agreement for Peaceful Dialogues and Cooperation

The United States and China on June 12 inked a military agreement in Washington that will help its armies conduct peaceful dialogues and cooperation with each other.

Fan Changlong

Chinese Military Delegation to Visit U.S. Despite Tensions in Pacific and Cyber Attack Allegations

A Chinese military delegation headed by the Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Fan Changlong is scheduled to arrive in the United States this week for a meeting with the American Defense Secretary as well as a tour of the Pentagon and other military installations.

China Military Live Drills Near Kokang Region

Chinese Military to Conduct Live Fire Drills Near Myanmar Border

China's Defense Ministry has announced that the military will conduct ground and aerial live fire drills near the Myanmar border, where Chinese citizens have been caught in the crossfire between Myanmar government and insurgents, according to Today Online.

US-China Conflict

China-US War in Pacific Will Not Benefit Anyone

No one will turn out as a winner should a conflict between the United States and China breaks out in a hot spot in the Pacific, a Chinese military news site reported.

President Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping's Military Spending Seen As Factor In China's Economic Slowdown

The military spending and the budget allocated military development is seen as a factor in the economic slowdown of China but President Xi Jinping will reportedly still authorize more spending this year as he is determined to strengthen the country's military assets.

Senkaku Island

Chinese Military Builds Facilities On East China Sea's Senkaku Islands

Chinese sources have claimed on Sunday that the Chinese military is building base facilities that are of large-scale in East China Sea's Senkaku Islands.


China Successfully Tests New Recon and Attack Drones

China took a major step forward in the development of its unmanned flight technology with the successful test flight of its advanced drone system, Rainbow No. 4.

Pentagon Report Undermines China-US trust

China hits back against the Pentagon's claims of Beijing's alleged increased military spending in preparation for potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait as well as to assert its claims over disputed islands in the China Seas.

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