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China politics

The Chinese People's Political And Consultative Conference - Opening Ceremony

Communist Party's Discplinary Body Rebukes Corrupt Officials

Corrupt officials have been forewarned that their days are numbered. Wang Qishan, China's top graft buster, has made it clear that the enemy in the fight against corruption is none other than us, the Chinese people.


China's Communist Party Celebrates 95 Years of Existence

The Communist Party of China (CPC) celebrated its 95th anniversary on Friday, July 1, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The occasion was marked by a speech from President Xi Jinping, which came at the end of a week-long series of events, ceremonies, and concerts; attended by elite businessmen, politicians and celebrities.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Chinese President Xi Jinping Invites Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi Despite Foreign Ministry’s Objection

Chinese President Xi has reportedly invited Myanmar's opposition leader to visit China despite objections from his own Foreign Ministry.

China Hosts First LGBT Job Fair In Shanghai; An Effort To Break Away From Conservative Culture

China hosts first of its kind job fair exclusively for the lesbians in the region but big companies choose to avoid the gathering

Narendra Modi’s China Visit

Narendra Modi’s China Visit: Expected To Heal The Broken Bond Of Trust Between India & China

This week, the Indian Prime Minister is all set to visit China and interact with his Chinese counterpart. Analysts claim that most of talks will be based on fostering trust, stability and development in the region

China, Moscow Aims To Strengthen Ties; Russia Hopes To Get Chinese Loans For Its Local Companies!

Russia is keen to unlock the Chinese financing options for its local companies to boost its economy, and the Russian Prime Minister has also signed an agreement with his Chinese counterpart for the same.

A woman rides a tricycle past a giant poster of late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in Beijing.

China CCTV begins airing 48-part series about former leader Deng Xiaoping

A super-sized 48-part TV documentary about former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping now is running on China Central Television, CCTV. The series discusses the diminutive leader who began systemic reforms now reverberating across China in great length to say the least.

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