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IBM's Enters China's Cloud Business Market.

IBM Join Hands with Wanda Group to Enter China’s Cloud Market

IBM has officially entered into China's lucrative cloud technology market through a joint venture with Wanda Internet Technology, a sister company of the Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda.

South Korea Lodges WTO Complaint against China.

South Korea Lodges WTO Complaint Against China’s Controversial Trade Practices

South Korea has lodged compliant in the World Trade Organization (WTO) over China's alleged unfair trade practices in the wake of THAAD missile fiasco. This was confirmed by the country's trade minister Joo Hyung-Hwan on Monday.

 A tank holding Ethanol, a fuel additive, is seen at a fuel tank farm in the Global Petroleum facility April 27, 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts.

China Creates First Coal-to-Ethanol Production Line in the World

China is the first country in the world to establish a production line that converts coal into ethanol, which is the main chemical ingredient in alcohol, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

UN support to China’s One Belt, One Road Project.

UN's Support for China’s One Belt, One Road Project may Annoy India

China's ambitious One Belt, One Road project got a rare backing from United Nations (UN) on Friday. The massive intercontinental project that seeks to revive the traditional maritime route was mentioned in a paragraph in the UN resolution that was adopted unanimously by all member nations.

China’s Premier to visit Australia and New Zealand.

China’s Premier to Visit Australia and New Zealand for Trade Talks

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will visit Australia and New Zealand later this month. The weeklong visit that will focus mainly on trade and investment deals is the second high profile visit by a Chinese official since Xi's visit in 2014.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook's Speech in China.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Asks China to Open up to Globalization

Apple's CEO Tim Cook has called on China to continue opening up its market for truly relishing the fruits of globalization. The Apple boss was speaking at a government sponsored development forum in Beijing on Saturday.


Getting Paid to Sleep is a Thing in China

This could literally be everyone's "dream job" and the only position where sleeping on the job will not be a problem.

Wang Yang meets Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

China’s Vice Premier Meets Duterte Amid Tensions Over South China Sea

China's Vice Premier Wang Yang met Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday to reaffirm their peace vows amid latest tension over South China Sea,

China to start production of Xian Y-20 military transport aircraft.

China to Start Xian Y-20 Military Transport Aircraft Production

China will start a series production of the Xian Y-20 "Kunpeng" strategic airlifter, state-television announced the same time the go-ahead production of the Y-20 stealth fighter was revealed.

China Plans Fresh Construction in Scarborough Shoal.

China to Construct Monitoring Station on Disputed Shoal in South China Sea: Report

China plans to consolidate its construction activities further in the disputed South China Sea region by announcing that it will soon construct an environmental monitoring station on the Scarborough Shoal.

Chinese Armaments On Display At Museum

Taiwan Claims its Missiles Could Strike Mainland China

Taiwan, for the first time, publicly claimed that it is capable of launching missiles that will hit China, Feng Shih-kuan, Minister of National Defense, said while delivering a four-yearly report to parliament on Thursday.

Leeco's Le X850 could act as a successor of sorts for the Le Pro 3.

Leeco to Launch Le X850 Smartphone in April

Leeco will unveil Le X850 smartphone on April 11 according to a Weibo post.

Chinese toehold

China’s First Overseas Military Base at Djibouti Stokes US Suspicion

China refers to the Obock naval base as a "support facility."

Trump Warns China over North Korea.

Trump Accuses China of doing little to Improve North Korea’s ‘bad Behaviour’

U.S. President Donald Trump has once again lashed out at China for doing little on the North Korea issue. Trump's latest tirade has come just hours before the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson begins his maiden visit to China,

Apple Plans Two More R&D Centres in China.

Apple Announces two More R&D Centres in China Amid Falling Sales

American tech behemoth Apple has announced that it will set two new research and development centres in China as it grapples to revive its fortunes in the world's largest smart phone market.

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