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China Denies Scarborough Shoal Build Up.

China Disowns Reports of building Monitoring Station on Scarborough Shoal

China on Wednesday said that it is not building an environmental monitoring station on Scarborough Shoal in contrary to an article published last week in a local Chinese news paper.

Israel Unveils Arrow Missiles

China's Missiles Test Sites Stand Side by Side With US Facilities in Japan: Report

China's missile test sites sit on the edge of the Gobi Desert, lying side by side with the US bases in Japan, as shown on the Google Earth images included in a recent "War on the Rocks" report by Navy Cmdr.

Chinese Media Again Warns India.

‘Mind your own Business’ Chinese Media Warns India Over Ties with Nepal and Sri Lanka

China's state owned tabloid The Global Times has warned India of 'retaliatory actions' if it continues to undermine Beijing's growing ties with Nepal and Sri Lanka. The warning has come amid China's defence minister's ongoing visit to Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Huawei will spend $400 million investment over the next five years in New Zealand.

Huawei to Invest in Research and Development in New Zealand

Huawei has announced a huge investment in research and development in New Zealand over the next five years.

Airbnb Takes Big Gamble on China.

Airbnb’s Moment of big Leap of Faith in China

Airbnb has finally made its mind to go for the one big crack in the Chinese market, which will probably make or break its destiny in the world's largest tourism market.

LeEco’s Super4 Series are available for purchase on Amazon India and company’s website.

Leeco Forms Partnership with Amazon to Sell 'EcoTVs'

Leeco has announced its partnership with Amazon India to sell next generation “ecotvs” in Indian market.

China Launches Customized Windows 10 for China.

Microsoft set to Unveil new Customized Windows 10 for Chinese Market

America's software giant Microsoft has announced that it is ready with its new customized Windows 10 version to quell down all the security concerns of Chinese authorities.

Taiwan is locally building its own submarines to counter China.

Taiwan to Build Own Submarines to Counter China

Taiwan is heading the indigenous route after it failed to secure eight US submarines following over a decade of negotiation as suppliers steered clear any agreement that could anger China. Local shipbuilder CSBC Corporation said on Tuesday that the homegrown submarines could be finished within eight years and enter into service within a decade.

Russia denied that the S-400 Triumf delivery to China has gotten underway.

Russia Denies Report on S-400 Missile Deliveries to China

The Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) brushed off report on Tuesday that it started delivering the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems to China, saying the delivery contract is "in strict accordance with its terms and conditions."

First time

BrahMos Extended Range Missile Allows Targeting of more Threats in Pakistan and China

"BrahMos has thus proved its prowess once again as the best supersonic cruise missile system in the world."

ZTE Nubia M2, Nubia M3 Lite, and Nubia N2 Smartphones Officially Launched in China

ZTE Nubia M2, Nubia M3 Lite, and Nubia N2 Smartphones Officially Launched in China

Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE officially launched its latest "Nubia" series lineup devices in China. ZTE's newest smartphones were dubbed as the ZTE Nubia M2, ZTE Nubia M2 Lite, and Nubia N2.

Norwegian-UK Gas Pipeline Laid In the North Sea

China Commissions First Heavy-Lift Semi-Submersible Zhen Hua 33

China has commissioned its first heavy-lift semi-submersible, named the Zhen Hua 33, to be used both for military and civilian platform.

Hawk Missiles Desplayed In Seoul Museum

China's DF-16 Ballistic Missiles Target Taiwan: Minister

China has positioned an arsenal of missiles within strike range to US army bases as its army heads prepare for "military hard power." People's Liberation Army (PLA)'s army bosses are reported targeting the firepower at Taiwan as part of a growing military threat to the island, the Daily Star reported.

Chinese Media Slams India over OBOR Project.

See China Rise with OBOR Project or be Left out: Chinese Media Warns India

China's media slammed the Indian media for taking critical note of United Nation Security Council's open support to China's OBOR's (One Belt, One Road) project. It warned that New Delhi will have to contend itself by watching China's international reputation grow further if it chooses to stay out of the flagship project.

Israel PM Netanyahu Arrives in China.

After Saudi Monarch, Israel PM Netanyahu Arrives in China

Barely days after Saudi monarch completed his maiden visit to China, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Beijing on Monday. Netanyahu was welcomed at the historic Great Hall of the People by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

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