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Cretaceous period

 Holotype cranial Material and Cranial Reconstruction of Machairoceratops cronusi

New Horned Dinosaur Discovered in Utah

Scientists have uncovered an entirely new species of dinosaur in Utah possessing strange curved horns.

Frozen dinosaurs

Scientists Stumble upon Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica

Some 170 million years ago, Antarctica had a tropical climate.

The Hualianceratops wucaiwanensis is the earliest and oldest known member of the Triceratops family.

Newly Discovered Early Triceratops Walked on Two Feet, Has No Horns

The earliest Triceratops remains were discovered in Gobi desert, China where this earliest relative used to walk on two legs and has no horns.

A. meemannae

Feathery Fossils Suggest Birds Evolved Sooner Than Believed

The discovery of 130 million year-old feathery fossils suggest that birds evolved earlier than previously believed.

Grass spikelet

Dinosaurs Got High on Eating 100 Million Year-old Psychedelic Fungus

The fossil indicates the grass existed some 100 million years ago.

Dinosaur Footprints Preserved in Rock to go on Display in Utah

There are more than 200 tracks in an area which size is smaller than a football field.

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