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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

New weapon

DARPA Aims to Create Armies of ‘Insect Allies’ to Protect Crops Worldwide

"DARPA plans to harness the power of this natural system by engineering genes inside plant viruses that can be transmitted by insects to confer protective traits to the target plants they feed upon."

Satellite hunter

US Air Force Takes Control of Powerful DARPA Space Telescope for Tracking Spy Satellites

SST is designed to expand space situational awareness, and to quickly provide wide area search capability.


DARPA has Just Developed Hack Proof Code and Proved it Works

At the time they began the operation, they were given access to one part of the drone's computer system.


Uber Mulls Vision of Uber VTOL Aircraft Flying Passengers Practically Anywhere

He believes VTOLs flying highways in the sky might see the light of day within a decade.

Glide, baby, glide

Russian Experts Pooh-Pooh US Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Program

By the 2040s, it will have an operational hypersonic strike ISR platform capable of both surveillance and weapon delivery.

Must be a better way

DARPA Launches Contest to Make AI-powered Military Radios that are Really Smart

Tilghman said this lack of agility results in a lack of efficiency since portions of the spectrum can be overtaxed while others are not in use.

Jamming ISIS

DARPA Developing Next Gen US Electronic Warfare Systems Masterminded by AI

DARPA began pioneering cognitive EW in 2010.

DIUx man

DIUx, DARPA’s Baby Brother, Shares Role of Keeping US Military the World’s Most Powerful

Carter described, DIUx as the DoD's "technology startup."

Bending light

DARPA’s EXTREME Program will Manipulate Light to Strengthen US National Security

If successful, EXTREME could introduce a new era in optics and imagers for national defense.

Small and lethal

DARPA Crowd Sourcing Ideas on How to Combat Small Aerial Drones

DARPA is interested in identifying novel, flexible, mobile layered defense systems and component technologies.

A lot of smart people

DARPA Delighted with Results of its Cyber Grand Challenge Aimed at Automating US Defenses against Cyberattacks

The goal of CGC was to produce systems that can repair themselves.

Medicine on demand

DARPA Funded Portable Device can Produce Biologic Drugs on Demand

It could also be used to manufacture a vaccine to prevent a disease outbreak in a remote village.

Think to death

DARPA is Funding Research into Mind-controlled Drone Swarms

The program envisions launching groups of gremlins from large aircraft.

The think tank's think tank

The Secret to DARPA’s Success: it Tolerates Failure

Another is that your average DARPA employee won't last more than five years on the job.

Just think it!

‘LUKE’ Mind-controlled Prosthetic Arm from DARPA to be Sold this Year

LUKE's thought-to-action control has led many to describe it as a mind-controlled device

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