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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


DARPA Seeks to Automate US Defenses against Cyberattacks on the Internet of Things

DARPA bills CGC as "The World's First All-Machine Hacking Tournament."

Garbage collector

DARPA's O2 Improved Space Surveillance Network Almost Complete

DARPA recently reported its O2 network now comprises more than 100 sensors around the world.

Not a sitting duck

DARPA's TERN Drone will Transform US Navy Warships into Aircraft Carriers

Transforming practically all Navy warships into mini-aircraft carriers will largely invalidate China's and Russia's A2/AD strategies.

DARPA Moving Fast to Replace US Stealth Fighters with Hypersonic Fighters

In DARPA's words, "Speed is the new stealth."

Too smart

LRASM, First US Missile with Artificial Intelligence, to be Deployed by 2018

LRASM will be an effective counter to the capabilities of the People's Liberation Army Navy.

Video game

DARPA Developing Space Command and Control Center to Conduct Future Wars

The program will grant US forces a tactical edge on the battlefield -- from space.

Fly-by-tablet helicopter

DARPA Successfully Tests Sikorsky ‘Fly-by-Tablet’ Helicopter using ALIAS

The objective of DARPA's ALIAS program is to develop and insert new levels of automation into existing military and commercial aircraft.

Swarm to kill

DARPA Program Allows Swarms of U.S. Aerial Drones to Collaborate in Attacks

CODE's main objective, however, is to develop and demonstrate the value of "collaborative autonomy" or swarm attacks by packs of hunter-killer drones.


DARPA’s VirtualEye will Allow U.S. Troops to ‘See’ Inside Buildings

VirtualEye will create an on-the-spot 3D image of a room


Aussie Tech Breakthrough Makes DARPA’s Thought-controlled Weapons a Practical Reality

This device will make it safer to implant microchips in the brain.

Weapons galore

DARPA Wants to Weaponize the Internet of Things to Save U.S.

DARPA often looks at the world from the point of view of potential U.S. adversaries.

Brainiac Central

U.S. Spending Heavily to Counter Deadly DDoS Cyber Attacks

DARPA's answer to this deadly threat is Extreme DDoS Defense or XD3.

Fly me to the Moon?

Launch Costs for DARPA’s XS-1 Spaceplane to be Cheaper than SpaceX’s Falcon 9

It cost a staggering $450 million to launch a Space Shuttle.

Hush puppies

DARPA Unveils U.S. Army Stealth Motorcycle Prototypes

The Army intends to use the winning prototype on raids to be launched by U.S. Special Forces units.

DARPA genius

DARPA’s Demo Day Reveals the Pentagon’s Secret Weapons Technology

DARPA's mission is creating the breakthrough technologies that advance the national security interests of the U.S.

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