Updated 6:02 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 01, 2020

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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Flying into space

DARPA Robot Space Plane will replace the Space Shuttle

It's being called a plane because it'll take-off land like a plane in every mission.

Submarine killer

Sea Hunter Robot Warship will Deploy to US Navy Third Fleet

The sleek 132-foot long warship with the contours of a Formula 1 racer was built to hunt down and destroy submarines.

China Military

China to Create Defense Technology Research and Development Unit to Modernize Military

One of the salient points of China's 13th Five Year plan unveiled at National's People Congress was President Xi Jinping's promise that in next five years the country would invest heavily in science & technology. Beijing is planning to create a research and development unit to spearhead the modernization of its military defense technology.

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