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US Assesses China’s Information Warfare Capabilities

"China believes its cyber capabilities and personnel lag behind the United States," said the DoD report.

Hello, China

US Congress Complains too Much Secrecy Cloaking B-21 Bomber Program

The air force has even refused to reveal how much the B-21 program costs.

More power

Australia Pushes Through with Major Warship Building Program amid China Tensions

The shipbuilding plan also calls for coordination between various levels of government.


US Air Forces Copes with Readiness Problem

People are the No. 1 readiness priority for the Air Force, he said.


Mattis Focusing More US military Power to Ensure Defeat of China in the Coming War

Mattis once said China must be denied "veto power" over the territorial claims, security and economic conditions in the Pacific.


Department of Defense Support Key to DARPA Successes

"And none of that would have been possible without now six decades of sustained support."

In the heat

US Weapons Sales to Allies Fall to $33.6 Billion

DSCA, a part of the Department of Defense (DoD), provides financial and technical assistance; transfer of defense materiel.

Swarm 'em

US Should Field its Military Autonomous Systems Faster

"Autonomy delivers significant military value."

Bubonic Plague

United States Military Laboratory Accidentally Ships Out Bubonic Plague, Investigation Underway

The Pentagon on Thursday announced that several military laboratories in the United States are currently under investigation after deadly diseases such as the bubonic plague were alleged shipped out from them.

US Troops

Guess Who Needs An Intervention? Pentagon Spends $1M in Casinos, Report Says

A recent government audit found that military and civilians working at the U.S. Department of Defense spent almost $1 million in casinos and almost $100,000 in strip clubs using department-issued credit cards.


GAO Findings Implicate Pentagon on Breaching Antideficiency Act on Guantanamo Prisoners Exchange

Results from an investigation conducted by The Government Accountability Office (GAO) involve the Defense Department (DoD) in a violation of a U.S. law following the release of five Taliban members in exchange of a captured American soldier.

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