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Blue ringwoodite.

‘Alien’ Organisms Might Exist in the Vast ‘Ocean’ 1,000 km Underground

Scientists have long suspected a "transition zone" in the Earth's mantle might be rich in water trapped in rare minerals such as ringwoodite.

Oxygen thieves?

Earth is Losing its Oxygen and Scientists Can’t Figure Out Why

Scientists said oxygen levels are controlled by complex global systems.

Premature earthlings

New Theory says Intelligent Life Evolved on Earth too Fast Compared to the Rest of the Universe

Many scientists also agree life will end 10 trillion years from now.

This composite image made from nine frames shows the International Space Station, with a crew of six onboard, as it transits the moon at roughly five miles per second, Sunday, Aug. 2, 2015, Woodford, VA.

Asteroids Not Comets Brought Water to the Moon 4.5 Billion Years Ago

A new analysis of lunar rocks reveal how water on the moon was delivered by asteroids and not comets, revealing more clues about the formation of the solar system.

Mars is coming closest to earth on 30th May

Mars Coming Closest to Earth on May 30: What to Expect

Mars will be at its closest point to the Earth in 11 years on May 30th. The red planet will be 76 million kilometers (47.2 million miles) away from Earth. This phenomenon will begin at 2:35 PM Pacific Time.

Hubble Space Telescope photo of Mars taken when the planet was 50 million miles from Earth on May 12, 2016.

See Mars Tonight on its Closest Approach to Earth in 11 Years

For the first time in 11 years, Mars will be at its closest point to Earth at 46.8 million miles away.

See how energy from our young sun – 4 billion years ago -- aided in creating molecules in Earth's atmosphere that allowed it to warm up enough to incubate life.

Violent Solar Flares Triggered Life on Earth

Astronomers believe that violent solar storms sent energetic solar particles towards Earth, creating a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, thus making suitable conditions for life.

There goes the neighborhood

Red Giant Dying Stars are Good Candidates for Exoplanets with Alien Life

"We're basically providing observers with a navigational map of the habitable zone for any star."

How to create a world

Scientists Find 4.5 Billion Year-old Rocks Dating Back to Earth’s Infancy

The team's identification of primitive mantle material was based on detection of an overabundance of the radioactive element hafnium.


There are One Trillion Species on Earth; Most are Microorganisms

The study's results have also found that actually identifying every microbial species on Earth is almost impossible.

Transit of Mercury.

Mercury Transits the Sun on May 9; View it Safely

The transit will be visible in full or in part in most of the Earth.

A rare full moon expected on Christmas Day

Rare Full Moon Expected on Christmas Day

A full moon will be visible this month at 6:11am on Christmas Day. The last full moon on Christmas Day happened since 1977 and will happen again until 2034.

A unique glimpse of the Earth rising above the moon's lunar surface

Don't Miss NASA's Stunning Photos of Earth Above the Moon

From the white swirls of clouds, the azure sky, ocean radiating sapphire to the nearly liquid lunar surface... Who would dare miss to see NASA's newly released photos of the Earth?

Darkness for 15 Days

The Truth Behind the Rumor: Will Earth Go Dark for Fifteen Days?

While the world is still recovering from terrorist attacks in Paris, some people are bracing themselves for impending "darkness."

Supermoon, Moon, Earth, Eclipse, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse Spectacular Show on Sunday Night

A total lunar eclipse will share the show with a so-called supermoon on Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on your location.

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