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EXO member Lay rushed to the hospital after falling unconscious at South Korea's Incheon Airport on Tuesday.

EXO Member Lay Passes Out at Incheon Airport, Rushed to the Hospital

EXO member Lay has reportedly lost consciousness a few minutes before his flight was scheduled to take off from Incheon Airport, South Korea, causing fans to worry about their idol's health condition.

EXO at The 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards

EXO’s Lay to Take Legal Action Against Stalker Fans if They Invade His Privacy Again

EXO's Lay has threatened to take legal action if his privacy is invaded by stalker fans again after some incidents of disturbances last week.

EXO's Kai at the Louis Vuitton Exhibition

EXO’s Lay and Kai Sustain Injuries During “EXO’rDIUM” Concert but will Continue Performing

EXO members Lay and Kai have joined the rest of the group for promotional activities despite sustaining injuries while performing in their concert series titled "EXO Planet #3: EXO'rDIUM."

f(x) Krystal, EXO Kai

F(X)’s Krystal and EXO’s Kai Just HidingTheir Relationship?

Could it be true that f(X)'s Krystal and EXO's Kai are just hiding the truth that they have actually been dating since May last year?

EXO at the 4th Gaon Chart Awards

Seoul Court Queries SM on “Uneven” Profit Distribution

The Seoul Central District Court has questioned SM Entertainment about the alleged "uneven" distribution of profits between company and its artists during the third hearing on a lawsuit against former EXO members Kris Wu and Lu Han.

Members of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO

EXO Chinese Member Lay and f(x) Idol Krystal Make Appearance as Couple in Beijing

EXO Chinese idol Lay recently made an appearance with f(x) idol Krystal as a couple in Beijing. It was for their forthcoming Chinese movie "Kite Flying," in which these two idols are playing leading roles.

EXO member Tao loses

EXO-Ls Upset After 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Actor John Boyega's Posts Sarcastic Comments on EXO

EXO fans felts that "Star Wars" actor John Boyega's Twitter comments on EXO were dripping with sarcasm.

EXO member Tao loses

EXO Drops First Teaser Video of Winter Album 'Sing For You' [VIDEO]

Korean-Chinese idol group EXO will soon return to the music scene with their winter album, and they have dropped the first teaser video of the title track from the album, "Sing For You."

Members of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO

Ex-EXO Chinese Idol Luhan Takes Time Out From His Hectic Professional Activities

Chinese idol Luhan, who quit Chinese-Korean idol group EXO last year, is taking a short break from his professional activities due to health reasons.


EXO Winter Album in the Works, Says Suho

EXO's Suho reveals that they will be releasing a new winter album!

Members of South Korean-Chinese pop groups EXO-K and EXO-M

EXO-M's Lead Rapper Tao is Now Ex-EXO, Hires Kris, Luhan's Legal Team to Fight SM Entertainment

Tao finally makes his move against SM Entertainment.

The 24th Seoul Music Award

EXO News Update: Find Out Why EXO-K Idol Baekhyun Helped EXO-M Idol Chen

Chen said he gained strength from Baekhyun's help and the cheers of other members.

Members of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO

EXO News Update: Lay Follows Chanyeol's Newly Created Weibo Account; Tao, Luhan, Kris Ignore Him

Chanyeol finally sets up his Weibo account and receives a huge welcome.

Members of South Korean boy band EXO

EXO-M Member Tao Yet to Officially Quit EXO But Talks About S.M. Management Not Being Perfect

Tao describes the demaning pratice session at S.M. Mangement before his debut in South Korea.

Members of South Korean-Chinese pop groups EXO-K and EXO-M

Former EXO Member Tao Expresses Regret Over 'Betrayal' Post Against Kris, Chinese Singer Feels 'Unforgiven'?

Recently, Luhan and Kris have been vocal about leaving their former boy group EXO. Now, it is Tao's turn to do the talking. Aside from sharing his hardships during his time in Korea, Tao also talked about his regret over the Weibo and Instagram post he made against Kris.

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