Updated 2:00 PM EDT, Wed, May 20, 2020

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Ford Sales in China.

China’s Ford Sales Down by 21%

Ford Motor faced a serious speed breaker in the Chinese market during the first quarter of the current financial year as the U.S. auto giant has reported a sharp 21 percent decline in sales. The flattening of its sales in China represents a growing challenge for Ford in the world's largest auto market.

Ford’s Ranger Pickup Trucks To Unveil in China.

Ford’s Ranger Pickup Trucks to hit Chinese Roads in 2018

U.S. auto giant Ford Motor is set to unveil its best seller F-series pickup trucks for the Chinese market in 2018. With this move, Ford is apparently trying to cash in on the Chinese government's recent relaxation on the use of pickup trucks in urban areas across the country.

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Ford Reports 54% Drop in Q3 Profits to $1.2 Billion

Ford Motor is optimistic that despite a 54 percent decline in its third quarter profit to $1.2 billion, the carmaker would have better results in the next quarter and 2015.

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