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global warming

A basalt core from CarbFix site

Solution to Global Warming? Iceland Transforms Excess Carbon Dioxide Into Stone

In a new breakthrough technology, a power plant in Iceland can lock away carbon emissions in basalt, providing a possible solution for climate change.

China-U.S. Strategic And Economic Dialogue, China-US High Level Consultation On People-To-People Exchange

US, China Agree to Cooperate on Climate Change

The United States and China have agreed to cooperate more and work together to address the climate change problem. Meanwhile, Beijing expressed its hopes that the U.S. would help poor countries combat the issue on Monday.

Researchers survey bleached corals in shallow water in the Kimberly region, Western Australia, during current bleaching event.

More Than 50 Percent of Corals in Northern Great Barrier Reef Now Dead

Recent surveys reveal that more than 50 percent of coral reefs in the northern area of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia are officially dead.

Trees can trigger natural cloud seeding.

Natural Cloud Seeding From Trees Can Unlock Clues About Earth's Climate

Two new studies reveal how cloud seeding process from tree has not been considered for global climate models, changing the way we think about our climate.

Location of the southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current front (white contour), with -1 degree Celsius sea surface temperature lines (black contours) on Sept. 22 each year from 2002-2009, plotted against a chart of the depth of the Southern Ocean around Ant

The Bizarre Reason Why Antarctic Ice is Increasing While Arctic Ice is Melting

New radar data from NASA reveals how ice in Antarctica is increasing despite Arctic ice is rapidly melting due to global warming.

This is a rosette going into the water in Bermuda to sample SAR11.

How Abundant Ocean Bacteria Can Regulate Earth's Climate

New findings reveal that a certain ocean micro organisms can produce a special enzyme that can create more water droplets in clouds, regulating the climate's temperatures.

Global warming graphic

Fantastic GIF Visualization Shows How Hot the World Has Gotten Since 1850

What you're seeing is a circular graph that unwinds to show the temperature change every month since 1850.

Five islands of the tiny tropical nation of Solomon Islands have now vanished due to rising sea levels.

Solomon Islands Are Now Disappearing Due to Rising Sea Levels

The Solomon Islands in the South Pacific are now vanishing where five islands are already underwater due to rising sea levels caused by global warming.

Long Beach Formula E Race

Leonardo DiCaprio is Not Dating Victoria’s Secret Model Chelsey Weimar

Fans of the dashing Leonardo DiCaprio can now rejoice as a credible source claims he is not dating Victoria's Secret model Chelsey Weimar despite persistent reports.


Global Warming Affects Temperature of World's Lakes, Study Says

NASA and National Science Foundation-funded study indicate that climate change is threatening freshwater supplies and ecosystems by continuously warming lakes around the world. Data taken from satellites and ground activities shows that the temperature of 235 lakes around the globe has dramatically changed over the past 25 years.

Wind Turbines

Beijing: Clean Energy is China's Next Leap Forward

Beijing's top climate envoy has said the approval of the United Nations (UN) 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) climate pact in Paris last Saturday will spur the Chinese government's efforts to develop clean, renewable energy technologies throughout the country.

Global Climate Pact Signed

COP21 Nations Reach Historic Climate Deal in Paris

Nearly 200 countries assented to what many claim is a historic international agreement to fight climate change and stabilize global temperatures at the close of the United Nations (UN) 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris on Saturday.

Climate change summit begins this week in Paris as 196 nations will agree to cut down carbon emissions.

Climate Change Summit Begins: U.S. President Obama and China's Jinping Vow to Cut Down Carbon Emmissions

This Monday, the U.N. climate talks commence in Paris as world leaders gather to finalize a global climate treaty to cut down carbon emissions.

A new WMO global climate report reveals that 2015 will be the hottest year ever on record.

2015 Most Likely to be Warmest Year on Record: WMO

A new report released by the WMO reveals how 2015 will be the hottest year ever, producing extreme weather events like heatwaves, floods, drought and tropical typhoons.

A new study measured how four sixth-grade science textbooks adopted for use in California frame the subject of global warming

California Science Textbooks Present Wrong Information About Climate Change

A new study reveals how science textbooks in California public schools are doubting the reality of climate change.

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