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Internet censorship

Internet Censorship  in China.

China to Crack Down on Devices Used to Bypass Internet Censorship

The Chinese government is stepping up its internet censorship with a 14-month-long nationwide crackdown on devices that helps to bypass online censorship.

A new study from the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs revealed how China censors and controls the flow of information on the Internet.

Study Reveals How China Censors Live Streaming Apps

A new study from the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs revealed how China censors and controls the flow of information on live streaming apps, the CBC reported.

The Facebook logo is displayed at the Facebook Innovation Hub on February 24, 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

Facebook, Google are Welcome in China as long as They 'Respect China's Laws'

After China banned Facebook in 2009 and Google pulled out its search engine in 2010, the Chinese government said it would welcome both companies back as long as they follow the rules, an official with the Cyberspace Administration of China said on Wednesday.

China censorship

China to Push Stricter Rules for Online News Websites

China has some of one of the world's strictest regulations when it comes to information being exchanged over the Internet. Lately, Chinese censors have announced plans of further tightening the rules that govern the distribution of digital news and website contents.

Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

Twitter Estimates It Has 10 Million Active Members From China

Twitter estimates that it has about 10 million active users from China, even though the site has been blocked in the country since 2009.

China is considering implementing controversial Internet censorship law.

China is Considering Controversial Internet On-Off Switch

China is reportedly considering a very controversial cybersecurity law by which authorities are given power to shut down the internet and block online communications in case "emerging social security events" take place.

China’s top Internet Regulator To Quit.

China’s top Internet Regulator Likely to step down soon: Report

China's top internet regulator, Lu Wei, is likely to step down soon and will be replaced by his current deputy, Xu Lin, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

 In this photo illustration, the LinkedIn logo is displayed on the screen of a laptop computer on January 27, 2011 in San Anselmo, California.

Why Microsoft, LinkedIn Merging A Potential Problem in China

Microsoft's plan to acquire business-oriented social networking service LinkedIn seems to face a problem in China because of the censorship law in the country.

Internet watchdogs took down more than 1,000 Chinese websites because of alleged illegal activities.

Watch Out, More Than 1,000 'Illegal' Chinese Websites Shut Down in Q1

Internet watchdogs shut down more than 1,000 websites in China on the first quarter of the year, Xinhua reported.

China Proposes a New Law to Oversee Online Content

Purge of Terrorrism-Related Content Online Successful

The center reportedly received more than 20,000 violence and terrorrism-related reports from frequent online users.

Confronting The Great Firewall

New plug-in Promises Quicker, Easier Way to Bypass Internet Censorship in China

China's 641 million Internet users will soon be afforded an easier, quicker route around the country's Internet censorship system as developers of a simple browser plug-in promise to punch a permanent hole through "The Great Firewall".

Pro democracy rallies hit Hong Kong

Instagram Blocked in China Amid Protests for Democracy

China is censoring reports of the worsening pro-democracy crisis reported by mass media.


WeChat Accounts Suspended By Tencent Due To New Censorship Rules In China

More than 300 WeChat mobile accounts have been suspended by China's Tencent Holdings, Ltd. In addition, approximately 40 other messaging app accounts have been banned by the company. The decision to temporarily put on hold the aforementioned social networking accounts has been made in adherence to the government restrictions imposed recently. Reports show that such messaging apps and other social media platforms have been employed to spread political news online.

Tsai Ing-wen

Taiwanese Facebook Page Blocked After Attacking Political Leader

Facebook blocked Taiwanese fan page CitizenTai on July 14 after it posted a photo criticizing opposition leader Tsai Ing-wen over her party’s nuclear policy.

China's Great Hall of the People

China Launches Campaign To Control The Internet

Beijing is advocating communist principles of Internet censorship and governance.

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