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There had been reports of Iranian air strikes in Diyala province, where Iraqi forces have been battling IS.

Iranian Fighter Jets Join Fight Against Islamic State

Iranian fighter jets pounded Islamic State positions in Eastern Iraq last week, while this week U.S.-led coalition aircraft staged at least 25 strikes against Islamic State positions in Syria and western Iraq.


Hacking Collective Based In Iran Responsible For Hundreds Of Attacks

An Iranian based hacking group is responsible for several attacks on South Korean, Pakistani and U.S. public and private sector systems.

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran Threatens To Side With China And Russia Amid Power Supply Collapse

Iranian officials have announced that they will ask for help from China and Russia if the Western sanctions regarding the power supply of Iran will not be lifted, but critics press that the country's "Plan B" might not be successful due to Russia and China's situation.


Report: Iranian Terrorists Linked to 'Fake' Chinese Bank

A "fake" Chinese bank has been linked to the Quds, a terrorist group that is part of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

China to Double Investments in Iran

China aims to double the size of its investments in Iran’s energy sector, revealed a top Iranian official, days away from the World Power-set deadline over the country’s nuclear program.

U.S. Drone

Iran Conducts Successful Test Flight Of U.S.-Replicated Drone

Iran has successfully conducted its first test flight of a replicated American drone seized by government forces after it was downed over its eastern territory in December 2011.

Kurdish Protests

Kobani Battle Unites People Divided By Borders

Despite the negativity brought about by the ongoing war in the Syrian town of Kobani, a positive thing came out of it –the conflict was able to unite the Kurds in the fight against the Islamic State militants.

Iran Nuclear Power Plant

Iran Thwarts Sabotage At Nuclear Plant, Accuses Foreign Country

Iran has thwarted an attempt to sabotage water tanks used for its nuclear reactors, according to Iranian media on Thursday.


How Israel Responds After U.S. Officials Called Netanyahu A ‘Chickens**t Prime Minister’

Speaking in Hebrew Wednesday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the anonymous chickenshit slur hurled against him by a senior White House official.

Iranian Rape Victim Executed For Murder Despite Clemency Pleas

Convicted of murder by an Iranian court for killing a man who was raping her in self-defense, Reyhaneh Jabbari was executed by hanging Saturday morning at Tehran. With 600 executions in 2013, Iran was second only to China in that category.

Hua Chunying

China Eager For Iran To Reach Nuclear Deal

China is eager for Iran to close an agreement with the six world powers who are involved in the nuclear discussions to comply with the approaching deadline to halt its uranium enrichment program.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran Nuclear Program Talks Make Some Progress, Deal Breakthrough Remains Elusive

A six-hour meeting of American, European and Iranian diplomats Wednesday failed to achieve any breakthrough on Iran’s nuclear program negotiations, but officials said they have made some progress ahead of the November 24 deadline.

Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President ‘Certain’ Nuclear Deal Will Push Through

Iran's nuclear development program will push through, President Hassan Rouhani declared late Monday ahead of the Nov. 24 deadline world powers have jointly set to determine the fate of Tehran's nuclear initiative.

ISIS Crisis

Top Saudi Diplomat Criticizes Iran Over Middle East Conflicts

A top Saudi Arabian foreign minister criticized Iran on Monday for being "part of the problem" in efforts to resolve the conflict in the Middle East.

Rich Kids of Tehran Instagram account shut down

The Instagram account Rich Kids of Tehran has been shut down, after showing off the Tehran elite in a way that is misleading to the millions of Iranians in poverty, who are devout to their religion.

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